Military bases in California

There are 32 military bases in California (CA) including Air Force, Army, Coat Guard, Marine and Navy bases. Please open the website to see the full list of California military bases.

California is home to a number of important military bases that play a critical role in the defense of the United States. These installations are responsible for supporting military operations across the globe and training the men and women who serve in the armed forces.

One of the largest military bases in California is Naval Base San Diego, located in the southern part of the state. The base is home to a variety of naval vessels, including aircraft carriers, destroyers, and amphibious assault ships. It also provides support to a number of other naval facilities in the region.

Another major military installation in California is Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, located just north of San Diego. The base is the largest Marine Corps installation on the West Coast and is home to over 42,000 active duty and reserve Marines, as well as their families. Camp Pendleton is responsible for providing training and support to Marines preparing for deployment.

Further north, the Travis Air Force Base is located in Fairfield and serves as a major transportation hub for the United States military. The base is home to the largest air mobility wing in the Air Force and provides airlift and aerial refueling support for military operations around the world.

The Vandenberg Space Force Base is another important military installation in California on the central coast. The base is responsible for the launch and testing of military satellites, as well as missile defense systems. It also supports a variety of other space-related operations for the United States military.

In addition to these major military bases, California is also home to a number of smaller installations, including the Naval Air Station Lemoore, which is home to the Navy’s F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet squadrons. The China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station is another important facility that provides research, development, and testing of weapons and systems for the Navy.

Overall, California’s military bases play a critical role in the defense of the United States and the support of military operations worldwide. They provide training, transportation, and logistical support for the men and women who serve in the armed forces and help to maintain the readiness of the US military.

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Naval Base Point Loma From sky

Naval Base Point Loma

Point Loma Facts Location: Point Loma, San Diego, California Website: Visit Point Loma Website › Phone: (619) 553-1011 Longitude: -117.239137 Latitude: 32.683633 DSN: N/A The background involving Point Loma started many thousands of years in the past while primitive ancestors along with Indigenous Peoples lived on the region. Ancient places have already been dated to […]

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mountain warfare training center training at wood

Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MWTC)

Mountain Warfare Training Center Facts Location: North of Bridgeport, California Website: Visit MWTC Website › Phone: (760) 932-1400 Longitude: -119.07006 Latitude: 38.28916 DSN: 839-1431 The Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) is among the Corps best distant as well as cut off post. This MCMWTC performs official colleges for people and also battalion education […]

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Naval Postgraduate School Graduates at Front Entrance

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

Naval Postgraduate School Facts Location: Monterey, California Website: Visit NPS Website › Phone: (831) 656-2441 Longitude: -121.873425 Latitude: 36.596639 DSN: 878-2441 The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is undoubtedly a certified investigation college managed by the United States Of America Navy. Situated in Monterey, California, this allows each master’s diplomas and also doctorate certifications. The college […]

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Boat placed for public demonstration at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach

Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach

NWS Seal Beach Facts Location: Seal Beach, California Website: Visit NWS Seal Beach Website › Phone: (562) 626-7011 Longitude: -118.091271 Latitude: 33.746631 DSN: 873-7011 Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station is the place in the West Coast area where the U.S. Navy weapons and ammunitions are stored, loaded and maintained. The station also has three detachments […]

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Military Boat at North Island NAS

NAS North Island

NAS North Island Facts Location: Coronado peninsula on San Diego Bay, California Website: Visit NAS North Island Website › Phone: (619) 545-8167 Longitude: -117.199917 Latitude: 32.700933 DSN: N/A Naval Air Station North Island or simply NAS North Island can be found at the northern edge in the Coronado Peninsula in San Diego Gulf and it […]

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usmc mccs soldier formation

Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS – MCRD) San Diego

MCRD San Diego Facts Location: San Diego, California Website: Visit MCRD San Diego Website › Phone: (619) 524-8762 Longitude: -117.199757 Latitude: 32.73703 DSN: 524-8762 Marine Corps Recruit Depot (known as MCRD) San Diego is known as a U S Marine Corps government assembly inside San Diego, California. It is situated around San Diego Gulf along […]

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View from sky to McClellan Base

McClellan Air Force Base

McClellan AFB Facts Location: Northeast of Sacramento, California Website: Visit McClellan Website › Longitude: -121.400556 Latitude: 38.667778 DSN: N/A McClellan Air force base occupies 3, 73 acres of land ten miles northeast of Sacramento and is home to more than 2, 080 activity duties personal, their families and 7,511 departments of defense civilian employees. The […]

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Military Machinery - Osprey at MCAS Miramar

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar

Mcas Miramar Facts Location: San Diego, California Website: Visit Mcas Miramar Website › Phone: (858) 577-1011 Longitude: -117.14653 Latitude: 32.870072 DSN: 267-1011 Even though both the Army and the Navy has installed facilities on North Island in 1912, California Mcas Miramar´s military bases were not planted till 1917, when the Army brought the California MCAS […]

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Military Plane Hits Speed of sound near the March Joint AFB

March Joint Air reserve base

March Joint Facts Location: River Side County, California Website: Visit March Joint Website › Phone: (951) 655-1110 Longitude: -117.24821 Latitude: 33.889675 DSN: 447-1110 California March Joint Air reserve base is situated in River Side County, California amid the cities of Moreno valley and Riverside. It is the headquarters of the 452d Air Mobility Wing and […]

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Soldiers marching on Los Angeles Air force base

Los Angeles Air force base

Los Angeles AFB Facts Location: Los Angeles, California Website: Visit Los Angeles AFB Website › Phone: (310) 653-1110 Longitude: -118.404075 Latitude: 33.916064 DSN: 633-1110 Colorado and California also discovered themselves challenging for the advanced military space facilities at California´s Los Angeles AFB. California Los Angeles air force base is not a conventional AFB with aircraft […]

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Mclb Barstow overview

Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Barstow

Mclb Barstow Facts Location: The city of Barstow, California Website: Visit Mclb Barstow Website › Phone: (760) 577-6430 Longitude: -116.955814 Latitude: 34.867975 DSN: 282-6444 The city of Barstow lies on the banks of the Mojave River and has many recreational attractions, including ten parks, swimming and municipal golf. Nearby places of interest include Calico Ghost […]

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Vandenberg Air Force Base Rocket Launch with strong fire

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Vandenberg Air Force Base Facts Location: Santa Barbara County, California, USA Website: Visit Vandenberg Website › Phone: (805) 606-1110 Longitude: -120.586452 Latitude: 34.737381 DSN: 276-1110 Vandenberg Air Force Base is named in honor of former Air Force Chief of Staff General Hoyt S.Vandenberg. This is the home to the 30th Space Wing, 14th Air Force, […]

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Plane at Travis Air Force Base

Travis Air Force Base

Travis Air Force Base Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California Website: Visit Travis AFB Website › Phone: (707) 424-2798 Longitude: -121.945839 Latitude: 38.258806 DSN: 837-1110 Travis AFB is located at San Francisco Bay Area was constructed in June 1942 under the name of Fairfield-Suisun Army Air Base with the main intention to station the medium […]

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CGTC Petaluma Solar Panels Banner

Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma

Tracen Petaluma Training Center Facts Location: Northern California counties of Sonoma and Marin Website: Visit Tracen Petaluma Website › Phone: (707) 765-7320 Longitude: -122.783084 Latitude: 38.257571 DSN: N/A Tracen Petaluma Training Center has 10 schools with 50 different courses catering to 4000 students yearly.  They also provide training to international students and to all the […]

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Naval Air Station Lemoore F-117 plane

Naval Air Station Lemoore

Lemoore NAS Facts Location: Kings County and Fresno County, California Website: Visit Lemoore Website › Phone: (559) 998-0100 Longitude: -119.92851 Latitude: 36.322852 DSN: 949-0100 NAS Lemoore is a Navy fighter pilot training facility that often works with a similar NAS in Nevada. The Navy has termed that Lemoore is their newest NAS they have since […]

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Naval Air Facility El Centro Plane Show Off

Naval Air Facility El Centro

Naval Air Facility El Centro Facts Location: California’s Imperial Valley Website: Visit El Centro Website › Phone: (760) 339-2220 Longitude: -115.676311 Latitude: 32.824367 DSN: 658-2220 El Centro is a Naval Air Facility, it is located in California’s Imperial Valley, and this location is just 117 miles east of the major city of San Diego. It […]

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