Military bases in Bulgaria

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Soldiers practice at Novo Selo Training Range

Novo Selo Training Range

It is also known as Novo Selo Training Range built in 1962. It is one of the most important training facilities in Bulgaria, which is used by both Bulgarian and NATO forces stationed in the country. It is a large training facility and it is located around 45km away from Bezmer Air Base, which is […]

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F15 lands at Graf Ignatievo Air Base

Graf Ignatievo Air Base

The base is also known as Graf Igantievo Air Base and it is located in a small town of Graf Ignatievo in the city of Plodiv in Bulgaria. It is the only base of jet fighter planes commissioned with two squadrons of jet planes. The base was built in 1930 by the government of Adolph […]

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Soldiers standing at Bezmer AFB territory

Bezmer Air Force Base

It is also known as Bezmer Air Force base and it is located in a small town of Yambol in Bulgaria. The base was named after Khan of Bezmar from 7th Century. The base played a small role in World War I in providing support to zeppelins, which were used to drop bombs in some […]

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Map of US Bulgarian bases

Aitos Logistics Center

Bulgaria Aitos is also known as Aitos Logistics Center and it is located in a small town of Aitos in the republic of Bulgaria. The base is one of four bases that were established in the republic of Bulgaria through Defense Cooperation Agreement between United States and Bulgaria in 2006. The main purpose of the […]

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