Military bases in Kuwait

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Tents at Camp New York

Camp New York

In conformity with the constitution of Kuwait, the Emir of Kuwait is the supreme commander of the armed forces with a Defense Secretary who heads on the Military men of Chief of Kuwait of General Personnel. The National Guard has his own commander, who does a report directly to the Defense Secretary. Public security forces […]

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Camp Virginia Sign

Camp Virginia

Another base for the United States military forces in the northern part of Kuwait is Camp Virginia. This base is mainly under the control of the Air Support Operations Centre. By the name of what controls the camp, you should get the clue that this is for jet planes and other such planes used for […]

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Soldiers at Camp Spearhead

Camp Spearhead

Camp Spearhead, found in Shuaiba, Kuwait, was heavily in use during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is north of Camp Patriot which is also a military base of the United States. Those served at Camp Spearhead include military forces from the superpower countries, United Kingdom and the United States. As home to these tired and […]

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Security guard at Camp Patriot

Camp Patriot

Situated in the South western coast of the country of Kuwait is the Kuwait Navy Base that’s otherwise known as Camp Patriot. During the time of Operation Enduring freedom—around the beginning of the 2st century—the base was home to more than 3,000 soldiers of the American-led Coalition that were fighting in Iraq. Camp Patriot boasts […]

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Soldiers filling sandbags at Camp Doha

Camp Doha

In the north of the city of Kuwait is found a warehouse complex that goes by the name Camp Doha. This was used by the army of the United States towards the end of the Gulf War. To this day, the camp is still in use. This was established during the Desert Thunder I mission. […]

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Stage for auditions at Camp Buehring

Camp Buehring

The military forces of the United States had made full use of Camp Buehring as their base camp during their war in Iraq. This camp, situated in Kuwait, has seen American soldiers coming to and from the Iraqi border which is just 15 miles away from the camp. Troops known to have set food of […]

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Sign of Ali Al Salem Air Base

Ali Al Salem Air Base

Ali Al Salem Airbase is known as “The Rock” because of the perfect geographical location which stands on an elevated ground 39 miles away from the Iraq border. This is a military airbase in Kuwait that is under the command of the Kuwait Air Force.  The airbase played host to the personnel and aircraft of […]

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Camp Arifjan

Camp Arifjan

Camp Arifjan is a military base that is located in the southern part of Kuwait City and in the western part of Shuaiba Port. The base is home to the United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard. It also plays hosts to the deployed active […]

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