Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar

Mcas Miramar Facts

  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Website:
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  • Phone: (858) 577-1011
  • Longitude:
  • Latitude:
  • DSN:

Even though both the Army and the Navy has installed facilities on North Island in 1912, California Mcas Miramar´s military bases were not planted till 1917, when the Army brought the California MCAS Miramar region and developed Camp Kearny, named for General, Stephen Kearny, whose battalion of the West had seized California during the Mexican American War. In the 1930´s the region was base for army air ships. In the early 1940´s the primary airplane runways were built.  California Mcas Miramar found fresh air as a Navy Master Jet base in the 50´s, but actually came into its own during the war against Vietnam.Huge Marine corps sign at Miramar base

The Navy required a camp to train pilots in fleet air defense and in dog fighting. In ´69 the top gun school was installed (and made famous by the ´85 movie of the same name). While lots of military stations divide more than one camp Pendleton’s training facilities, none of them tally its broad range. Camp Pendleton has a population of approximately forty thousand sailors and Mariners and offers a variety of recreational activities and services.

California Mcas Miramar currently promotes its new bimonthly tour plan for all San Diego region community members. The tour plan is completely out of charge and opens to people and takes place on the third and first Thursdays of each month, operational and weather commitments permitting. It functions from nine in the morning and twelve in the evening.Military Machinery - Osprey at MCAS Miramar

View from sky to Air Station MiramarNevertheless, it will not accept tours in October because of the yearly MCAS Miramar Air show. Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum in Miramar is augmenting on to eight acre plot at the Army air base at Mirmar. Exhibitions include more than twenty five genuine combat helicopters and plane on public display. The good moment to explore this museum is on Open Cockpit Day when public can see the inner part of some of these great crafts.

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