Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MWTC)

Mountain Warfare Training Center Facts

  • Location: North of Bridgeport, California
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  • Phone: (760) 932-1400
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The Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) is among the Corps best distant as well as cut off post. This MCMWTC performs official colleges for people and also battalion education in summer season and also winter season hill procedures. Working out stresses progression of each person along with team mountain abilities along with focusing on improving general fight capacity. Marine Corps in the Facility also are involved with assessing cold temperature clothes, gear, individual efficiency, tough landscape automobiles, and also building doctrine and ideas to improve the Corps’ capability to battle and also succeed during high altitude plus winter conditions.

mountain warfare practice in snow

mountain warfare training center training at wood

This Winter Mountain Operations Course was designed to teach forces during the winter alpinism abilities needed for the winter season battle procedures. Challenging, the actual program is carried out inside a naturally harmful surroundings having a focus on security, private success, cold temperature bivouacs, path choice, over-the-snow flexibility strategies, along with influx security and even consciousness. Individuals may employ battalion offensive / protecting techniques in domain workouts symbolizing real-world situations. This Winter Mountain Operations Course additionally instructs personnel preparing as well as battle support assistance needs. 4 dynamic obligation battalions are generally educated every winter season (The month of January – The month of April), having every program 4 weeks in total. One reserve battalion finishes the fourteen days Winter Mountain Operations program each different December.

Confused soldier at mountain warfare training

Contingency satellite applications consist of Sniper Sustainment Instruction, Search Skier, Weaponry Supplier Center Expansion Program, Hill Communications System, Mountain Motor Transport Program, Mountain Professional Program, and also Recon Sustainment Instruction. The particular summer time Mountain peak Operations Program focuses on team competence regarding the particular mountain climbing necessary skills essential for effective missions in a very tremendous mountain setting. Performed inside an austere and also unknown situation, individuals shall learn off-road security, army mountain climbing, set string installs, off-road routing, rappelling, and also preparing / managing platoon motion around tough landscape.

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