Military bases in Oklahoma

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Sign of Vance Air Force Base

Vance Air Force Base

The Vance Air Force Base is simply great and outstanding. The many tasks are performed in such a way to maintain high performance. The Part of the specific Air Education & the Training Command cannot be missed. The Vance AFB is strategically situated in the Location of Oklahoma! So much history to learn about, you […]

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K9 at Tinker Air Force Base

Tinker Air Force Base

The Oklahoma Tinker AFB is known as a major United States Air Force facility, with a Navy & a Defense department goal and missions; it is located right in Oklahoma City zone and directly south suburb Midwest City. This base was actually named to honor Oklahoma Major General called Clarence Tinker; he was the 1st […]

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USCG Institute HC-144A

USCG Institute

The Oklahoma Military Institute was established back in 1919 and it started to respond to education & the training needs consider the residents that lived there & those in United States Air and armed Forces. Later, as 1923 came by, this Oklahoma Institute started offering a secondary education together with 2 college years for young […]

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Sign of Fort Sill Army Base

Fort Sill Army Base

The Oklahoma Fort Sill was once the house of United States Army Artillery field Center, which included the Field Artillery campus- School and the III Corps field Artillery, not to mention the Army Center meant for Fires, yet, the BRAC Commission actually recommended the Air Defense specific unit to be transferred to Fort Sill- supporting […]

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Container Inspection Training and Assistance Team at work

Container Inspection Training and Assistance Team CITAT

The Oklahoma Container Inspection is meant for Training & Assistance, it is a great TeamĀ  known a the CITAT and it is the USA Coast Guard’s supportive unit designed for training personnel and it can even handle containers and transporting materials through sea. This unit is actually housed at Mike Monroney Aero Center in the […]

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Altus Air Force Base and shuttle discovery launch

Altus Air Force Base

The Oklahoma Altus Air Force is a great United States base which is located around four miles east Altus more precise north east Oklahoma. This host unit Altus AFB considered the Air Mobility Wing actually 97 AMW and it is today assigned to Air Education & Training Commands 19th Air Force. This wing mission and […]

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