Military bases in New Jersey

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Soldiers in front of PC at Picatinny Arsenal

Picatinny Arsenal

It is basically American military research and development facility located near Lake Denmark in New Jersey. It is also headquarter of United American Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center. The facility was founded in 1880 and has been in operation since then. It is also home to experts in US Army small size ammunitions, […]

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Aviation simulator at McGuire AFB

McGuire Air Force Base

It is basically an US Air Force Base commissioned 87th Air Base Wing with Air Mobility Command. Its main purpose is to provide support to on-going military operations. The 87th Air Base Wing comprise of 3100 officers and civilians from Army, Naval and Air Force. The base is also home to other Air Force wings […]

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Scientists testing some strange things at USCG Loran Support Unit

USCG Loran Support Unit

It is also known as USCG Loran Support Unit, its main purpose it to support Long Range Navigational System stations in the West Coast of United States. It helps ships find their location in the sea. The station works by sending low frequency signals out in the sea that is caught by ships and helps […]

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Sign of Fort Dix

Army Installation Fort Dix

Fort Dix is one of the United States of installation of the Army placed in New Hanover’s Parts Township, Pemberton’s Municipality, and Springfield’s municipality, in the Burlington’s county, the zone of New Jersey, etc. Also it is a place notable census, and as of the United States, registers display that in 2000, the population of […]

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Sign of Fort Monmouth

Fort Monmouth

Fort Monmouth is on the coast of Jersey only ten minutes West somehow like 20-30 minutes in a super sunny day weekend in July or August of the Atlantic Ocean. Fort Monmouth is the home the AMC that is the Army of Command of the material of communication and electronics of control the CECOM. To […]

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Hangar, building at naval air engineering station lakehurst base

Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst

The New Jersey Lakehurst is a naval Air Engineering facility and the origins date back to the beginning of 1917 when command came to existence like Naval Aircrafts Factory. This Navy spot was great, the aircraft manufacturer and factories are always very busy constructing the airplanes for the USA Army. This is why they decided […]

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Soldier parade near NWS Earle

Naval Weapons Station Earle

The New Jersey Earle Naval Station is great; this facility is located at northern zone of New Jersey shore it is also next to Sandy Hook Bay. It received the command chief name and it was later changed when 1974 started from a Naval Ammunition to Depot the Naval Weapon Station. The water front place […]

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Training Center Cape May Anchor

USCG Training Center Cape May

The area that is occupied by New Jersey Cape May, has a lot of history linked to naval presence. Going back to American Revolution & through nineteenth century, the Cape May was once used like a harbor to refuge. Later in 1917, Navy established this like a section force base right there in the great […]

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