Military bases in Italy

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Military plane at Naval Air Station Sigonella

Naval Air Station Sigonella

Italy Sigonella’s Air base is a military installation in Sicily, forms a part of the organization of the NATO that names like BORN Base Sigonella. This one composed by personnel and means assigned to Naval Air Station Sigonella known as NAS Sigonella or even the NASSIG that is of the Navy of the United States […]

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NSA Naples Soldiers

Naval Support Activity Naples

Naples is the largest city in southern Italy. It is one of the regional capitals and has a population of one million inhabitants Coordination’s 40 ° 50’N 14 ° 15’E , stretching for 117 square km. Population structure by age groups: between 00 -14 years 18.76%: between 15-65 years 67.87% and  over 65 years: 13.37% […]

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Submarine at NSA La Maddalena

NSA La Maddalena

La Maddalena is for Italy Located right in Westside are of this country. It actually coordinates 41 ° 13’N 09 ° 24’E,about 11 000 inhabitants live here stretching on an area of 20 square miles. Furthermore, it seems that according to administrative structural division, part of the city of La Maddalena in the Sardegna region. […]

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Flags at NSA Gaeta base

Naval Support Activity Gaeta

Gaeta is a town of about 21,000 inhabitants, situated 130 km south east of Rome, Latium province of Italy, Coordinates 41 ° 13’N 13 ° 34’E, with an area of 11 square miles. The city is a port and a resort that is in a hilly region on a spit that extends the Gaeta Gulf, […]

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Soldiers training at Camp Darby

Camp Darby

Camp Darby is located near Pisa in Italy, and it is also a United States Military Base. The Camp is named for the memory of Brigadier General William O. Darby. NATO took several military efforts in Southern Europe in 1952, and as a result some military based or camps were made in Italy then. Camp […]

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military planes at Aviano Air Base

Aviano Air Base

At the foot of the famous Alps in Italy there an Air base of American Air Force is located named Aviano. The well known 31st Fighter Wing is located in Aviano, and it is a major air component of the US European Command. To maintain and logistic support there are two operational fighter squadrons are […]

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Soldiers stands steal at Caserma Ederle

Caserma Ederle

By the cooperation for NATO the US Army has gotten another base named Caserma Ederle. The Caserma Ederle is also known as Camp Ederle. Actually it was an Italian base, and currently American Army is using the base. The base is situated at Vicenza in Italy. Basically it is like a home of the US […]

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