Military bases in South Korea

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View of camp market in South Korea

Camp Market

Camp Market is a small installation group and part of the large installation group which is the Yongsan Installation. The base houses the Marketing office, the Air Force and Army Exchange services and the Defense Reutilization. The camp was established by the Japanese as the Imperial Japanese Army Garrison on 1904 to 1945. During that […]

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Camp Humphreys lodging in South Korea

Camp Humphreys

Camp Humphreys is an army base of the United States Army which is situated near Anjung-Ri and nearby Pyeongtaek metropolis in South Korea. It is located 55 miles apart in the southern part of Seoul. The base was taken by the Americans after the World War II and was established by the Japanese during the […]

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Soldiers washing tank at Camp Hovey in South Korea

Camp Hovey

Camp Hovey is part of Army military base of United States which is located in South Korea .It stands in 4000 acres of land forty one miles away from the City of Seoul. The base was named in honor of Master Sergeant who was actually killed on action at the Pork Chop Hill in his […]

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Camp Castle South Korea Opening Event

Camp Eagle

Camp Eagle used to be called R-401and was officially named Camp Eagle on July 3, 1989. This was established as a joint effort of both the United States Government and Republic of Korea as their first major project.  Camp Eagle is basically the newest and the most modern army installation found in Republic of Korea […]

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Soldiers at Camp Castle in South Korea

Camp Castle

Camp Castle stands in 48.6 acres of land located in Dongducheon 40 miles away from Seoul, South Korea. Camp Castle only few steps away from Camp Casey, the reason why many facilities are being shared by both installations.  The camp houses the United States Second Infantry Division, Second Engineer Battalion and the 70th Support Battalion […]

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Practice at Kunsan Air Base

Kunsan Air Base

The Kunsan Air Base is located in the South Korean town of Gunsan. It is a United States Air Force installation located in South Korea as part of its efforts to support other nations in the area of military. This support is in the area of logistics and personnel. The name of the base comes […]

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Soldiers inside K-16 Air Base

K-16 Air Base

K-16 Air Base is one of the United States Army installations in South Korea. Also sometimes called the Seoul Air Base, this facility is mainly used by the Airforce. K-16 Air Base occupies the premises of the Songman Airport and is operated by the Korean Air Force. The 52nd Aviation Regiment and the 1st Battalion of the […]

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Soldiers training at USAG Daegu

USAG Daegu

USAG Daegu is among the largest cities in South Korea and has three military installations. This city is noted for its apple plantations and fruits which are said to be the sweetest in the whole of Korea. The city also has a vibrant textile industry and accounts for most parts of Korea’s textile exports. Camp […]

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Happy soldier at Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae

Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae

The Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae Naval base is a United States Navy installation in South Korea. This camp is one of many military installations of the United States in South Korea and was formed out of the Naval Advisory Group in 1946. The total land area covered by the camp is about 84 acres and is […]

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Areal view of Camp Stanley

Camp Stanley

Camp Stanley is a United States Army installation in South Korea and is a part of the Camp Red Cloud. This installation was started as a temporary tent settlement to accommodate incoming American troops in South Korea, but saw the first permanent building in 1969.  The camp was set up to provide military assistance to […]

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Training at Camp Casey

Camp Casey

South Korea Camp Casey is situated in beautiful Tongduchon, in Korea. It is around forty miles from North Seoul. This consists of nearly 3600 acres & it was once occupied by like 6200 military & around 2600 civilians. The primary goal and mission of this facility is to actually act along with Korea Republic in […]

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Important persons visits Camp Carroll

Camp Carroll

South Korea Camp Carroll is actually a not extensive, more precise a very small military camp in the central of Korea. It is located around 1 hour from Taegu in terms of North in Waegwan, right in South Korea. While it is a very small community, this Camp has maintained very good and full service, […]

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