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Marine Corps Island Areal View

Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island

This Island conducts training for the initialization of first level Marine Corps and is situated in Port Royal with a South Carolina encompassment. The annual population for the training exercise usually amounts to over 19 000. This is inclusive of Mississippi River male recruits along with female recruits from various continental. The sister base, classified […]

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Areal view of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune wastwater management system

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Marine Corps Base in Camp Lejeune cover an area of 246 square miles and it’s a training facility in the North Carolina region. The military base have`s 14 miles of beaches and this fact makes it a perfect place for amphibious assault`s trainings & it is being located between two water ports (Morehead City and […]

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Soldiers listening to speech at Camp Butler

Camp S D Butler

Body of Marinade Camp Base Smedley D. Butler (Butler or base of the sea-coast to the native ones) is a base of Marinade of The United States Body located in the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa. She was nominated for legendary Marina Smedley D. Butler. The Camp Smedley Butler is actually a set of services and […]

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Sing of Camp Schwab

Camp Schwab

The Japan Camp Schawab is a North American base located in Henoko, Okinawa. The 4th Marinade Regiment is a known and professional regiment of infantry of the Body of Marinade of The U.S.A. It has the base in this Camp Schwab, & the Division forms a part of 3th of Marinade of the Expeditionary Force […]

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Historucal Areal view of Yontan Airfield

Yontan Airfield

Yontan Air Field was once named as the Yontan Airport is situated near Sobe in the northern part of Kadena Airfield on the western coast of Okinawa was constructed by the Japanese government. It was built as a civilian airport before the Second World War broke out and used it as Japanese military camp. The […]

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Sign of Camp Foster

Camp Foster

Camp Foster is yet another unique camp that should always be elaborated about so that majority can really know exactly what is going on in the military world.  Well this base Camp was earlier recognized as the “Camp Zukeran”. Again Camp Zukeran was very much noted for its numerous successes until the name was changed […]

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Soldier received diploma at Camp Courtney

Camp Courtney

Camp Courtney is truly a United States Marine Base which is located in Uremia City Okinawa Prefecture Japan. Moreover, it is noted to be part of the larger Marine Corpse Base Camp Medley D. Butler and also it is noted to be home to III Marine force headquarters and also the third Marine Division headquarters. […]

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Plane lands at Camp Gonsalves

Camp McTureous

Japan Camp Mctureous is really a splendid camp that should always be referred upon as far as military camps are concerned. This particular camp is located in west of Agena district. It is noted to be equipped with the housing conveniences, a school and also some sports facilities. It is actually some of these facilities […]

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Camp Gonsalves okinawa northern training

Camp Gonsalves

One unique thing soldiers will often like Japan is the presence of Camp Gonsalves. It is actually noted that, Camp Gonsalves is situated at Northern Okinawa which of course is located in Japan. Besides, Northern Okinawa is also located across the villages of Higashi and Kunigami. It actually has acres of about 17500 and also […]

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Military plane before launch at MCAS Iwakuni

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Iwakuni

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS)  military base is situated about 470 kilometers south of the Osaka. Moreover, it is located at Nishiki River Delta mainland Japan. Being an ideal military base, it requires any members of your family to conduct few seminars that will help them learn how to adopt life at the local area. […]

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Plane lands at Mcas Futenma

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Futenma

US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station is located right at the center of Ginowan City, Okinawa. MCAS Futenma occupies a 4th of totality of city. The base is constructed around a 1.7 mile runway that capable to support various aircraft selected only on a regular basis. After the Okinawa battle it became a bomber base, […]

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Shooting training at Camp Hansen

Camp Hansen

Located in the majestic island of Okinawa, Japan, Camp Hansen is considered as the largest United States Marine Corps training range in the island and was one of the few locations in the area that allowed the firing of live rounds.  Aside from the rudimentary military facilities of numerous firing ranges and live fire houses, […]

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Sign at Camp Fuji

Camp Fuji

Camp Fuji, a facility controlled by the United States Marine Corps that can be found in the East Central of Japan in the island of Honshu. It is situated in the vicinity of Mount Fuji specifically at the base 800 miles from Okinawa. Camp Fuji neighbors a Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force facility which is known […]

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Camp Baharia - soldiers shows of the speed while running

Camp Baharia

The Field Baharia was constructed on the site of which it was once Baathist’s resource in Iraq, near Fallujah. Qusay and Uday Hussein often would frequent this strength of resource. Now, it is of house to American soldiers. American soldiers often refer to the Field Baharia, relatively coherent, as “The dreamland”, the original name. This […]

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Soldiers speech at Camp Kinser

Camp Kinser

It is part of the Marine Corps of US that is located in Okinawa. Camp Kinser houses Naha Port, a US Army military unit. Camp Kinser’s primary mission is to provide support to the US Marine logistics operations.  Kinser Camp has a warehouse with one million square feet of space to house all the Marine […]

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Areal view of US naval hospital Okinawa

Camp Lester (Camp Kuwae)

Camp Lester, another name for Camp Kuwea is situated along the coastline of the Chatan Town which faces the East China Sea. This is where the largest military hospital in Okinawa is based aside from having the different amenities such as a soccer field, school, and housing facilities catered to the surrounding bases within the […]

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