Military bases in Colorado

There are 6 military bases in Colorado (CO). One of these is Army base and the rest are Air Force bases. Army base is Fort Carson, also known as the Mountain Post.

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Military Planes Thunderbirds F-16 Flies over Schriever AFB

Schriever Air Force Base

Schriever AFB Facts Location: Near Colorado Springs in El Paso County Website: Visit Website › Phone: (719) 567-1110 Longitude: -104.52564 Latitude: 38.80338 DSN: 560-1110 Colorado Schriever AFB is situated right in CO Springs, which is the 2nd largest city located in Colorado & situated around eighty miles South of the International Airport. It is magnificent […]

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Inside Peterson Air Force Base

Peterson Air Force Base

Peterson AFB Facts Location: Colorado Springs Website: Visit Peterson AFB Website › Phone: (719) 554-7321 Longitude: -104.703484 Latitude: 38.80654 DSN: 834-7011 Just one hour from Fort Collins, which is heavily Democratic, is Colorado Springs, where an important military base and several evangelical institutions, which is a Republican stronghold, this is the Colorado Peterson facility. The […]

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Cheyenne Mountain Insane Blast Doors

Cheyenne Mountain

Cheyenne Mountain Facts Location: Colorado Springs Website: Visit Cheyenne Mountain Website › Phone: (719) 474-1110 Longitude: -104.846806 Latitude: 38.744281 DSN: 268-1110 During the period of June 1961 continuing on to February of 1966, a United States facility was developed and assigned the name, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. This facility is populated by a total […]

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Fort Carson Soldiers Parade

Fort Carson

Fort Carson Facts Location: El Paso, Colorado Website: Visit Fort Carson Website › Phone: (719) 526-5811 Longitude: -104.75 Latitude: 38.68 DSN: 691-5811 The US Army Fort Carson was constructed in 1942 and has a prominent location in El Paso, Colorado. Another name for the Fort Carson facility is the Mountain Post and it is nestled […]

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buckley air force base helicopter hangar

Buckley Air Force Base

Buckley Air Force Base Facts Location: Colorado Website: Visit Buckley AFB Website › Phone: (720) 847-9011 Longitude: -104.753718 Latitude: 39.7033 DSN: 847-9011 In 1942, the Buckley Air Force Base, in Colorado was established to oversee training and facilitation of the B-24 and B-17 armored and bombardier special operatives. The Lowry Air Force Base assigned Buckley, […]

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Air Force Academy Colorado Capella

Air Force Academy

Colorado Air Force Academy Facts Location: El Paso County, Colorado, USA Website: Visit Colorado Air Force Academy Website › Phone: (719) 333-1818 Longitude: -104.888878 Latitude: 39.009814 DSN: 333-3110 Colorado Air Force Academy is located in the 18,000 hectares of El Paso County, Colorado, U.S.A which housed cadet housing facilities and the place to live for […]

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