Military bases in Hawaii

There are 11 military bases in Hawaii (HI). Fort Shafter and Schofield Barracks are the oldest army bases in Hawaii. Each military branch has base in Hawaii

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opening party at NCTAMS PAC


NCTAMS PAC is stationed in Wahiawa, Hawaii, is known as the largest communication station in the world consisting of 131 amenities occupying 2,421 acres of land. It has also a Headquarter based in Oahu, Hawaii. NCTAMS PAC main function is to management and provides support to the users of Pacific Telecommunication System. NCTAMS PACFacts Location: […]

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Tripler Army Medical Center doctors received diplomas

Tripler Army Medical Center

Tripler Medical Center Facts Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Website: Visit Tripler Medical Center Website › Phone: (808) 433-6661 Longitude: -157.890208 Latitude: 21.359574 DSN: 433-6661 Hawaii Tripler Medical Center is the largest military hospital in Asia. It also operates as headquarter of Pacific Regional Medical Center. And it comes under the administration of US Army. It is […]

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Soldiers listening commanders speech at Schofield Barracks

Schofield Barracks

Schofield Barracks Facts Location: Oahu, Hawaii Website: Visit Schofield Barracks Website › Phone: (808) 449-7110 Longitude: -158.06777 Latitude: 21.500033 DSN: N/A Hawaii is a very beautiful group of islands and it is home to some of the best battle training sites in US. It has good number of hills and mountains, which makes it ideal […]

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USCG Station Maui Boat in full speed

USCG Station Maui

Station Maui Facts Location: Maalaea Harbor on the South Shore of Maui, Hawaii Website: Visit Station Maui Website › Phone: (808) 986-0023 Longitude: -156.544936 Latitude: 20.902967 DSN: N/A It is basically a base for US Coast Guard that operates all operations in the territory of Hawaii Island. It is the most active civilian-military force in […]

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Powerful military machinery at Bellows Air Force Station

Bellows Air Force Station

Bellows Field Facts Location: Waimanalo, Hawaii Website: Visit Bellows Field Website › Phone: (800) 437-2607 Longitude: -157.710309 Latitude: 21.361004 DSN: N/A During the Second World War, the Bellows Air Force Station was a facility of grave importance. However after the Pearl Harbor Attack, on December 7, of the year 1941, the station received a massive […]

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Automated military machinery test at Pacific Missile Range Facility

Pacific Missile Range Facility

Pacific Missile Range Facility Facts Location: Kauai County, Hawaii Website: Visit Website › Phone: (808) 335-4740 Longitude: -159.789276 Latitude: 22.033139 DSN: 315-471-6740 The Pacific Missile Range Facility is situated on an agreeable size on landmass in Hawaii. The establishment is well recognized, as the most prominent missile center for the United States Navy. The installation […]

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View from the coast to Naval Station Pearl Harbor

Naval Station Pearl Harbor

NS Pearl Harbor Facts Location: West of Honolulu, Hawaii Website: Visit NS Pearl Harbor Website › Phone: (808) 449-7110 Longitude: -157.953611 Latitude: 21.361944 DSN: 315-473-3646 The naval station Pearl Harbor is the base of the United States Navy Pacific Fleet which is located in Oahu, west of Honolulu, Hawaii. It has more than 100 naval […]

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Flying over MCB Hawaii

Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH)

MCBH Facts Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Website: Visit MCBH Website › Phone: (808) 257-7772 Longitude: -157.75011 Latitude: 21.44508 DSN: 257-8852 Formerly known as the MCAS, it was now named to MCBH. This is an air station and base facility that is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It operates on a base operation with a 2,400 meters runway.  […]

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Hickam stealth in sunset

Hickam Air Force Base

Hickam AFB Facts Location: Honolulu City, Hawaii Website: Visit Hickam AFB Website › Phone: (808) 449-7110 Longitude: -157.930407 Latitude: 21.332806 DSN: 449-7110 Hickam Air Force Base is based in Honolulu City and managed by the United States Pacific air Force. This is also the place for 154th Wing of the Hawaii Air National Guard, 515th […]

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Honolulu Fort Shafter From Sky

Fort Shafter

Fort Shafter Facts Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Website: Visit Fort Shafter Website › Phone: (808) 449-7110 Longitude: -157.888553 Latitude: 21.338836 DSN: N/A Fort Shafter is located in Honolulu and the base of Pacific Command of US Army, the Army Corps of Engineers of the Pacific Ocean Division and Major authority of the US Armed Forces in […]

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