Military bases in Alabama

There are 5 military bases in Alabama. Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base, USCG Aviation Training Center and Army Bases: Anniston Army Depot, Fort Rucker, Redstone Arsenal.

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Redstone Arsenal Military Rockets

Redstone Arsenal Military Base

Redstone Arsenal Facts Website: Visit Website › Phone: (256) 876-2151 Longitude: -86.670628 Latitude: 34.649167 DSN: 746-2151 In the northern section of Alabama, located in the central point of the Tennessee Valley is the Redstone Arsenal. The location is ideal for entertainment of many fine activities such as: sight-seeing, picnicking, fishing, boating, hiking, water skiing, hunting and biking. The facility […]

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Maxwell Alabama air force base from sky

Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base

Facts About Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base Website: Visit Maxwell-Gunter Website Phone: (334) 953-1110 Longitude: -86.361111 Latitude: 32.380795 DSN: 493-1110 This establishment was developed in 1946 and is effective in providing high quality education to the upcoming leaders in the major categories of space, cyberspace power and air supplementary fields for the United States Air Force, international organization and federal […]

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Helicopter at Fort Rucker

Fort Rucker

Facts About Fort Rucker Military Base Website: Visit Fort Rucker Website Phone: (334) 255-1110 Longitude: -85.749578 Latitude: 31.355176 DSN: 558-1110 Fort Rucker is the nation’s aviation service capital, located just on the lower section of south eastern Alabama. There are a total of 3 service entrances that enables entrance to the facility which is North […]

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Aviation Training Center Alabama Front

Aviation Training Center

Facts About Aviation Training Center Alabama Website: Visit Website › Phone: (251) 441-6861 Longitude: -88.243561 Latitude: 30.687231 DSN: N/A In 2008, the name Army Aviation Center of Excellence was assigned to the Fort Rucker military division. As the Army Aviation headquarter, a total of 36 individual units are situated on the premises with multi-missioned participants […]

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Military car in Anniston Army Depot Alabama

Anniston Army Depot

Facts About Anniston Army Depot Website: Visit Anniston Army Depot Website Phone: (256) 235-7445 Longitude: -85.975 Latitude: 33.65 DSN: 571-4874 The Alabama Anniston Army Depot was established in 1942 and is now stationed as a one of the United States weapon defense storage facility. The facility is situated on more than 25 square miles of […]

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