Military bases in Georgia

There are 13 military bases in Georgia (GA). Fort Benning is most well known army bases in Georgia. Each military branch, except for the Coast Guard, has base in Georgia

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Soldier practice at Army Camp Frank D. Merrill

US Army Camp Frank D. Merrill

The United States Army Camp Frank D. Merrill is the primary military base that accommodates United States Army Ranger School and the 5th Ranger Training Battalion, which is operated by small unit commanders.  Trainees are instructed on procedures and combat techniques to shift and move at adequate speed in various terrains, including mountainous environments. Frank […]

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Planes comes out of hangar at Robins Air Force Base

Robins Air Force Base

The Robins Air Force Base constitutes an estimated landmass of over 8435 acres of land. The administrative, storage and maintenance facilities are situated on14 million square feet of land sectored. The installation is recognized as one of the major Air Force bases, hosting the largest as a single-site confinement, which is operational by commands of […]

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Unknown plane at NAS Atlanta

Naval Air Station Atlanta

The Naval Air Station Atlanta is currently rehabilitated with the host name General Lucius D. Clay National Guard Center, which is assigned as an airport base for the navy under command of the Georgia Army National Guard. Naval Air Station Atlanta Facts Location: Cobb County, near Marietta, Georgia. Website: Visit NAS Atlanta Website › Phone: […]

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Monument that symbolizes Moody AFB

Moody Air Force Base

The Moody Air Force Base is prominently situated in the Lanier/Lowndes Counties in close proximity to Valdosta, Georgia. Locating the facility is very easy, since it only lies10 miles on the north eastern section of Valdosta, Georgia on Highway 125 occasionally called Bemiss Road.  The installation stands proudly as an historical landmark under supervision of […]

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boat and submarine at kings bay submarine base

Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base

Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base Facts Location: Camden County, southeastern Georgia Website: Visit Kings Bay Website › Phone: (912) 573-2000 Longitude: -81.569998 Latitude: 30.787334 DSN: 573-2001 The Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base is well recognized as the prominent home for the Atlantic Fleets Trident II Submarines containing ballistic missiles. These submarines are composite of nuclear […]

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Truck inside MCLB Albany GA

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Facts Location: Albany, Georgia Website: Visit MCLB Albany Website › Phone: (800) 952-3352 Longitude: -84.054122 Latitude: 31.551047 DSN: 567-5000 The Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany was introduced on March 1, 1952, hosting the name Marine Corps Depot of Supplies. This base is among the finest of military organizations and is […]

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Main entrance sign at Hunter Army Airfield

Hunter Army Airfield

Hunter Army Airfield Facts Location: Savannah, Georgia Website: Visit Hunter Army Airfield Website › Phone: (912) 315-3739 Longitude: -81.147079 Latitude: 32.013025 DSN: 870-1411 On a land mass of an estimated size of over 5, 400 acres of land, nestled is the Hunter Army Airfield military base, which is located in Savannah, Georgia. This installation is […]

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Fort Stewart Main Building and monument

Fort Stewart – Hunter Army Airfield

Fort Stewart Facts Location: Liberty and Bryan Counties, Georgia Website: Visit Fort Stewart Website › Phone: (912) 767-1411 Longitude: -81.614655 Latitude: 31.870255 DSN: 870-1411 The Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield military is the only confinement containing establishments that dates back as far as the Second World War and the early 1950’s. The facility is nestled on […]

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Fort McPherson VIP chatting

Fort McPherson

Fort McPherson Facts Location: Atlanta, Georgia Website: Visit Fort McPherson Website › Phone: (404) 464-2980 Longitude: -84.42842 Latitude: 33.712388 DSN: 367-2980 With its many historical appearances, the Fort McPherson still stands prominent above other traditional and newly developed military bases. The sub-division received its current name in the year 1885, in honor of a superior […]

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Fort Gillem New Building opening

Fort Gillem

Fort Gillem Facts Location: Forest Park, Georgia Website: Visit Fort Gillem Website › Phone: (404) 469-7311 Longitude: -84.327812 Latitude: 33.624624 DSN: 797-7311 The Clayton County Communities alongside the Fort Gillem installation has worked in partnership for approximately 60 years, which began in the year 1941. The installation now stands prominently as Fort Gillem, which was […]

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Fort Benning Soldiers Show off

Fort Benning

Fort Benning Facts Location: Columbus in Muscogee and Chattahoochee counties in Georgia Website: Visit Fort Benning Website › Phone: (706) 545-2011 Longitude: -84.979763 Latitude: 32.340811 DSN: 835-2011 The Fort Benning military facility located in South, Georgia obtained its name from Henry Lewis Benning, a Civil War General who was also a reputable Columbus citizen. The […]

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Two solders act like working in Fort Gordon Garrison Command

Fort Gordon Garrison Command

Fort Gordon Garrison Command Facts Location: Augusta, Georgia Website: Visit Fort Gordon Garrison Website › Phone: (706) 791-0110 Longitude: -82.225171 Latitude: 33.359001 DSN: 780-0110 Fort Gordon Garrison Command Military base, constitutes over 12, 000 soldiers and 4, 600 civilians. The installation is situated in a prominent location just a few miles on the south western […]

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