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Naval Health Clinic Charleston building

Naval Health Clinic Charleston

This is yet a unique military base that cannot be left out as far as military bases are concerned. To be precise, the South Carolina Charleston Hospital was first established on 31st July 1917 and has served an excellent purpose so far. At that time, there was only a one-story building and some wooden structures […]

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Naval Hospital Beaufort Building

Naval Hospital Beaufort

The South Carolina Beaufort Hospital is said to be one of the best hospitals as far has military base is concerned. This particular hospital is well equipped with a whole lot of things to aid it operate effectively without any problem. The Beaufort hospital was commissioned on 29th April, 1949 and ever since has served […]

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Naval Station Newport Areal View

Naval Station Newport

The station is also known as Naval Station Newport and it is located near the town of Newport and Middletown in the state of Rhode Island. It is also the former station of destroyer squadrons of US Navy. Today it works along US Coast Guard to keep maintenance of inactive ships. The base is now […]

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NAS Willow Grove areal view

Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove (Closed)

The base is also called NASJRB Willow Grove. It is basically an Air Station of Naval and it is situated in the Horsham Township in the state of Pennsylvania. The base was built in 1926 by an American inventor and aviation pioneer Harold Frederick Pitcairn. The base was originally used for designing and testing purposes, […]

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Mechanicsburg training

Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg

It is also known as NSA Mechanicsburg and Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg. There are several naval bases in the state of Pennsylvania; it is a base of fair size as compare to other bases in the state. The base was established around 1940 and installation was settled to repair ships on the base but later […]

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Naval Weapons Station Charleston Submarine

Naval Weapons Station Charleston

The Naval Weapons Station Charleston, accommodates 17 000 acres in land formation vast in wetlands and forestry of approximately 10 000 acres. The facility overlaps its landmass in North Charleston City and Goose Creek City, Hanahan, South Carolina. During the heat of World War II, the installation was formerly recognized as the United States Naval […]

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Naval Air Station Corpus Christi

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi is located in Nueces County in the coastal city in South Texas. This is a United States air base which used to be named as Truax Field, named after Lieutenant Myron Truax of the United States Navy. The United States troops set camp in the city on July1946 under General […]

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Happy soldier at Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae

Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae

The Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae Naval base is a United States Navy installation in South Korea. This camp is one of many military installations of the United States in South Korea and was formed out of the Naval Advisory Group in 1946. The total land area covered by the camp is about 84 acres and is […]

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Ship parked at Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific shipyard

Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific

Republic of Singapore is an island city state and the smallest country in South East Asia. It is located south of the Malay Peninsula and the Malaysian state Johor, 137 km north of the equator, coordinates 1 ° 17’N 103 ° 51’E. Singapore is a republic with a unicameral parliamentary government and representative of several […]

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Planes at King Abdulaziz Naval Base

King Abdulaziz Naval Base

Saudi Arabia is considered as one of the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. It borders Jordan on the north, Iraq to the north and north east, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates to the east, Oman in the south and east and south Yemen. Capital city is Riyadh located at 24 ° 39’N […]

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headquarter of NSU Saratoga Springs

NSU Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs is also known just for Saratoga and it’s a city in the Saratoga Country in New York, U.S. Coordination 43 ° 4’31 “N 73 ° 46’57” W. Having a population of 28,499 spread in the area of 75.2 km2       The income in Saratoga comes from tourism, they rely heavy on it […]

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Sailors walking at city near Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Yokosuka is placed in Japan, in the peninsula of Miura, south Al-de Tokio. One belongs Kanagawa’s prefecture, includes an area of 100, 68 kilometers ² and has a population of 422.737 inhabitants (in 2007). It is known for sheltering one of the alcaldes bases military men shared by Japan and The United States, which provokes […]

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Planes near Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Inside Japan the so called Japan Atsugi location is known principally like a satellite fantastic city that resides between the metropolis of Yokohama & Tokyo. Furthermore, it is known for having a naval American base that, though it doesn’t appear to be located right there, it occupies the area border of Yamato and also Ayase. […]

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Military plane at Naval Air Station Sigonella

Naval Air Station Sigonella

Italy Sigonella’s Air base is a military installation in Sicily, forms a part of the organization of the NATO that names like BORN Base Sigonella. This one composed by personnel and means assigned to Naval Air Station Sigonella known as NAS Sigonella or even the NASSIG that is of the Navy of the United States […]

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NSA Naples Soldiers

Naval Support Activity Naples

Naples is the largest city in southern Italy. It is one of the regional capitals and has a population of one million inhabitants Coordination’s 40 ° 50’N 14 ° 15’E , stretching for 117 square km. Population structure by age groups: between 00 -14 years 18.76%: between 15-65 years 67.87% and  over 65 years: 13.37% […]

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Submarine at NSA La Maddalena

NSA La Maddalena

La Maddalena is for Italy Located right in Westside are of this country. It actually coordinates 41 ° 13’N 09 ° 24’E,about 11 000 inhabitants live here stretching on an area of 20 square miles. Furthermore, it seems that according to administrative structural division, part of the city of La Maddalena in the Sardegna region. […]

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