Military bases in Iraq

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Areal view of camp justice

Camp Justice

Banzai’s field, before not known as the Justice of the campaign, was baptized again to the way around Sep back in 2004 according to an initiative to modify the respective military names of the American bases into Iraq to having less ” only you present, “friendlier ” the name. The equipment formed by many experts […]

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Royal interior at Victory Base Complex

Victory Base Complex

This Base Complex is located at Baghdad Airport. The name victory had come after Iraq got his real victory. After defeated General Saddam Hussein the American Air Force had joint their nine base camps into a base complex. The complex is actually a combination of 9 individual camps. The main work of the complex is […]

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beautiful Sunset from Forward Operating Base Sykes

Forward Operating Base Sykes

Still now there are so many FOBs in Iraq. Some FOBs are closing because mission is being changed now and then. Though there are many forward operation bases all over the country. These army bases are playing a vital role to reduce violence of the country. Some FOBs will close shortly, because the situations and […]

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soldier equipped at Forward Operating Base Grizzly

Forward Operating Base Grizzly

The Operational headquarters Grizzly (Grizzly FOB) has actually suffered numerous changes the name, and Spartan FOB has gone away, for rotation, Grizzly FOB, FOB and barbarian.  The operational headquarters treat itself about an army of The United States located in the interior of Ashram’s fields, near the so called Al Jalis in Iraq, which is […]

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Sunset at Combat Outpost Shocker

Combat Outpost Shocker

The Iraq Cop Shocker fights against the advanced Position Shocker- it is all about CP Shocker to be rapid. This is a base of the United States of the coalition and this ended the Construction in October, 2007. CP Shocker is in Zurbatiyah, Iraq. The Surprise CP is near the third Iraqi region of the […]

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Building at Camp Victory

Camp Victory

At Iraq Camp Victory, it is known that some soldiers in tone of joke refer as the Campus of the Victory “, the war seems beyond that the distant explosions – in spite of the extensive base near International Airport of Baghdad it is the headquarters of the military men of USA in Iraq. This […]

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Camp Taji fitness center

Camp Taji

The Iraq airfield Taji of the Army is around twenty seven km to the northwest of the center of Baghdad, in Taji’s city. Moreover, studies linked to the War of the air energy of the entire Gulf; a zone of Operations Center is situated located in the huge Al Taji. This AFB is actually represented […]

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Soldiers with flag at Camp Fallujah

Camp Fallujah (MEK Compound)

Fallujah is a big city forty miles to the west of Baghdad. The city is magnificent. It was there, at the beginning of the War of the Gulf, that a British plane with the intention of bombarding a bridge had fallen accidental two bombs guided by laser in a market full of people. Between 50 […]

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Insane rocket launcher at Camp Bucca

Camp Bucca

 The Field Bucca, Iraq was a field of the prisoners (the enclosure in September, 2009) supported by the army of the United States in Umm Qasr’s environment, Iraq. They called to the installation initially the Field Freddy and it was used by the British forces when the Iraqi prisoners of war rested. The Brigade of […]

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Camp Baharia - soldiers shows of the speed while running

Camp Baharia

The Field Baharia was constructed on the site of which it was once Baathist’s resource in Iraq, near Fallujah. Qusay and Uday Hussein often would frequent this strength of resource. Now, it is of house to American soldiers. American soldiers often refer to the Field Baharia, relatively coherent, as “The dreamland”, the original name. This […]

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Plane at Joint Base Balad showing off

Joint Base Balad

The Iraq Balad base is somehow bleating in Iraq, to be more precise northern spot about 68 miles of the extensive North of Baghdad. Furthermore, the AFB base known as one of the largest air bases in Iraq. The aerodrome has two channels of approximately 11,000 & 11,300 feet as the length, respectively. Today, it […]

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Concert at Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib

Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib

The Iraq Ghurayb Prison is huge. Moreover, the Abu Ghurayb, prison, is located approximately twenty miles specifically west of extensive Baghdad; it is actually where Saddam Kamal that was once the head of Special Security Organization once oversaw torture & the execution of many even thousands of important political prisoners. This prison was and is […]

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