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USCG Station Point Judith

USCG Station Point Judith

It is also known as Station Point Judith and it is a very beautiful location located on the sea shore of Rhode Island of United Sates. The base is used by US Coast Guard for search-and-rescue operations. The base has high importance as it is one of active stations of US Coast Guard having close […]

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USCG Station Castle Hill

USCG – Coast Guard Station Castle Hill

The Rhode Island Castle Hill is also sometimes known as Station Castle Hill and it is operated by the US Coast Guard. The primary purpose of the station includes overlooking the operations of US Coast Guard in Newport in Rhode Island. The station is also responsible to assist US Coast Guard in search-and-rescue operations. Beside […]

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Areal View of Air Station Elizabeth City

Air Station Elizabeth City

It’s a city located in Camden County and Pasquotank County in North Carolina. City`s population is 20.685 on an area of 10 square miles.Coordinations 36 ° 17’44 “N 76 ° 13’30” W.  Elizabeth City is even known as”The Harbor of Hospitality” because it has a long history of shipping thanks to its location in the […]

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US Coast Guard National Strike Force working

USCG National Strike Force

The National Strike force coexistent of the United States Coast Guard is assigned as the direct response unit. This team responds to assigned task such as, hazardous waste removal and oil spills and is also specially trained to handle chemical and biological weapons. Currently, the subdivision is under the management of Captain Roderick E. Walker. […]

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USCG Institute HC-144A

USCG Institute

The Oklahoma Military Institute was established back in 1919 and it started to respond to education & the training needs consider the residents that lived there & those in United States Air and armed Forces. Later, as 1923 came by, this Oklahoma Institute started offering a secondary education together with 2 college years for young […]

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Container Inspection Training and Assistance Team at work

Container Inspection Training and Assistance Team CITAT

The Oklahoma Container Inspection is meant for Training & Assistance, it is a great Team  known a the CITAT and it is the USA Coast Guard’s supportive unit designed for training personnel and it can even handle containers and transporting materials through sea. This unit is actually housed at Mike Monroney Aero Center in the […]

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Soldiers at ISC Cleveland

Integrated Support Command Cleveland

The Ohio Cleveland Integrated Commands was 1 of ISC under USA Coast Guard. The main duty consists to actually provide full support to Coast Guard divisions that are stationed in the magnificent Ohio. This command was once headed by William Schmidt. Integrated Support Command Cleveland Facts Website: Visit ISC Cleveland Website › Location: Cleveland, Ohio […]

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Scientists testing some strange things at USCG Loran Support Unit

USCG Loran Support Unit

It is also known as USCG Loran Support Unit, its main purpose it to support Long Range Navigational System stations in the West Coast of United States. It helps ships find their location in the sea. The station works by sending low frequency signals out in the sea that is caught by ships and helps […]

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Training Center Cape May Anchor

USCG Training Center Cape May

The area that is occupied by New Jersey Cape May, has a lot of history linked to naval presence. Going back to American Revolution & through nineteenth century, the Cape May was once used like a harbor to refuge. Later in 1917, Navy established this like a section force base right there in the great […]

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Logo of Sector Southeastern New England

USCG Sector Southeastern New England

The Massachusetts New England base is outstanding. With the headquarters in the Woods Hole, MA, the zone Southeastern in New England space has the responsibility to the fullest and it is coming right from the so called Manomet Point located in MA to the known Match Point that is located in Rhode Island. USCG Sector […]

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USCG Cope Cod Front Sign

USCG Air Station Cape Cod

The Massachusetts Cape Cod Air Force Base in the United States is simply great. It is an Air Force situated right in northwest Massachusetts, more precise in the Military Reservation, on known Flatrock Hill. Today, it consists of the so called PAVE PAWS station which is a radar facility. It is constantly working and performing […]

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US Coast Guard Yard Durable Military Boat

United States Coast Guard Yard

The Maryland Coast Guard Yard is in the known Anne Arundel County right in Maryland and it is today pretty much the only solely shipyard serving USA especially for Coast Guard usage. This marvelous and high-tech facility is constantly operating and serving like the most important spot in terms of Coast Guard’s fleet maintenance, too. […]

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USCG Station Maui Boat in full speed

USCG Station Maui

Station Maui Facts Location: Maalaea Harbor on the South Shore of Maui, Hawaii Website: Visit Station Maui Website › Phone: (808) 986-0023 Longitude: -156.544936 Latitude: 20.902967 DSN: N/A It is basically a base for US Coast Guard that operates all operations in the territory of Hawaii Island. It is the most active civilian-military force in […]

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ISC Miami Logo

Integrated Support Command (ISC) Miami

ISC Miami Facts Location: Miami, Florida Website: Visit ISC Miami Website › Phone: (305) 535-4300 Longitude: -80.15267 Latitude: 25.780996 DSN: N/A Miami is one of the most beautiful places in US, which attracts large number of tourists. It is a popular tourist attraction offering great weather and beautiful beach. Miami has no military base like […]

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USCG Boats at Auxiliary 7th District

USCG Auxiliary 7th District

District 7 Facts Location: Miami Florida Website: Visit Website › Phone: (305) 415-6683 Longitude: -80.188406 Latitude: 25.765482 DSN: N/A Located in the Tampa Bay of Florida, Florida District 7 Base is commanded by Rear Admiral William D. Baumgartner. It is the main headquarters of the United States Coast Guard and is responsible for operations of […]

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Research work at Marine Safety Lab

USCG Marine Safety Lab

Marine Safety Lab Facts Location: Chelsea Street in New London, Connecticut Website: Visit Marine Safety Lab Website › Phone: (860) 441-2645 Longitude: -72.089 Latitude: 41.402 DSN: N/A The Connecticut Safety Lab is somehow the US Coast Guard’s especially dedicated to many studies focused on marine & maritime safety. This laboratory regularly cares to collect many […]

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