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Military veteran who spent most if his active military career outside US and never made back and currently lives in Europe but still haven't lost passion about military forces.
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Solar panel park at Nellis Air Force Base

Nellis Air Force Base

Nellis Air Force Base is a United States Air Force installation located in southern Nevada, about 10 miles northeast of Las Vegas. The base covers an area of approximately 11,300 acres and is home to a variety of military aircraft, including fighters, bombers, and reconnaissance planes. Nellis AFB is known for its advanced training programs […]

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Cheyenne Mountain Insane Blast Doors

Cheyenne Mountain

Cheyenne Mountain Facts Location: Colorado Springs Website:Visit Cheyenne Mountain Website › Phone: (719) 474-1110 Longitude:-104.846806 Latitude:38.744281 DSN:268-1110 Cheyenne Mountain is a military installation located in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex near Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. It is a unique and highly secure facility that serves as the primary command and control center for the United States […]

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Naval Health Clinic Charleston building

Naval Health Clinic Charleston

This is yet a unique military base that cannot be left out as far as military bases are concerned. To be precise, the South Carolina Charleston Hospital was first established on 31st July 1917 and has served an excellent purpose so far. At that time, there was only a one-story building and some wooden structures […]

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Areal view of camp justice

Camp Justice

Banzai’s field, before not known as the Justice of the campaign, was baptized again to the way around Sep back in 2004 according to an initiative to modify the respective military names of the American bases into Iraq to having less ” only you present, “friendlier ” the name. The equipment formed by many experts […]

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Naval Hospital Beaufort Building

Naval Hospital Beaufort

The South Carolina Beaufort Hospital is said to be one of the best hospitals as far has military base is concerned. This particular hospital is well equipped with a whole lot of things to aid it operate effectively without any problem. The Beaufort hospital was commissioned on 29th April, 1949 and ever since has served […]

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Shaw AFB Sign

Shaw Air Force Base

The Shaw Air Force Base is situated in the City of Sumter, South Carolina. The establishment inherited completion of development in the year 1941 and is the current accommodation utilized to host the F-16 Combat Wing, the United States Central Command Air Forces, the 20th Fighter Wing and the Ninth Air Force. The name assigned […]

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Royal Air Force Fairford

Royal Air Force (RAF) Fairford

The Royal Air Force Fairford was built on 1944 with the primary mission of accommodating the British and the American troop gliders and carriers that will be used during their invasion of Normandy. After the World War II, the United States Air Force gained control of the base to have access to their strategic was […]

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Royal Air Force Alconbury Areal View

Royal Air Force (RAF) Alconbury

The Royal Air Force of Alconbury is based in Cambridgeshire, England which is 60 miles from the northern part of London. Now an active unit of the Royal Air Force used to be under the command of the United States Air Force was a non-flying facility. The United States Air Force that is based in […]

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USCG Station Point Judith

USCG Station Point Judith

It is also known as Station Point Judith and it is a very beautiful location located on the sea shore of Rhode Island of United Sates. The base is used by US Coast Guard for search-and-rescue operations. The base has high importance as it is one of active stations of US Coast Guard having close […]

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Naval Station Newport Areal View

Naval Station Newport

The station is also known as Naval Station Newport and it is located near the town of Newport and Middletown in the state of Rhode Island. It is also the former station of destroyer squadrons of US Navy. Today it works along US Coast Guard to keep maintenance of inactive ships. The base is now […]

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USCG Station Castle Hill

USCG – Coast Guard Station Castle Hill

The Rhode Island Castle Hill is also sometimes known as Station Castle Hill and it is operated by the US Coast Guard. The primary purpose of the station includes overlooking the operations of US Coast Guard in Newport in Rhode Island. The station is also responsible to assist US Coast Guard in search-and-rescue operations. Beside […]

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Royal Air Force (RAF) Croughton

The Royal Air Force Croughton is a communication base of the United States Air Force located in Northampton, England. This is the home for the 422nd Air Base Group whose primary mission is to offer services, unit support, force protection and communication in their worldwide operations. They provide their services to the US European Command, […]

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NAS Willow Grove areal view

Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove (Closed)

The base is also called NASJRB Willow Grove. It is basically an Air Station of Naval and it is situated in the Horsham Township in the state of Pennsylvania. The base was built in 1926 by an American inventor and aviation pioneer Harold Frederick Pitcairn. The base was originally used for designing and testing purposes, […]

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Tobyhanna army depot sign

Tobyhanna Army Depot

It is also known as Tobyhanna Army Depot and it is located in the town of Tobyhanna in the state of Pennsylvania, United States. It is the logistic center of US Department of Defense. It specializes in electronic systems located on the center, which includes monitoring and warning systems. The base was established in 1953 […]

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Mechanicsburg training

Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg

It is also known as NSA Mechanicsburg and Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg. There are several naval bases in the state of Pennsylvania; it is a base of fair size as compare to other bases in the state. The base was established around 1940 and installation was settled to repair ships on the base but later […]

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Carlisle Barracks

Carlisle Barracks

Pennsylvania Carlisle Barracks is a US Army training facility in the city of Carlisle in the state of Pennsylvania. It is also known as Carlisle Barracks and it offers US military war college. The US Army War College was shifted to Carlisle Barracks from Washington Barracks in 1951 and has been the center of high command […]

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