Nellis Air Force Base

The Nevada Nellis Air Force Base is just a fantastic and high-tech unit. Professionals are highly qualified and ready to deal with many matters. It is actually a United States AFB located in Las Vegas, NV more precise, in the north side. It is 13 km northeast central Las Vegas. In addition, it was once named to honor a P-47 pilot the very first Lt, his name was William Nellis, and he was unfortunately killed in the World War 2 during Bulge Battle.

Nellis Air Force Base Facts

  • Website: Visit Nellis AFB Website ›
  • Location: Clark County, near North Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Phone: (702) 652-1110
  • Latitude: 36.234928
  • Longitude: -115.034323
  • DSN: 682-1110

The unit and the cultural aspect of the district cannot be left aside, this facility was fabulous. Moreover, there was an installation of Air Combating Commands, and Nellis is location of United USA AF Warfare Centers & the major training spot for United States together with the foreign military different air crews. So this base is actually named for him who was a Las Vegas resident & an Army Force pilot.

The goal is just met the right way, everything has evolved since then and it is home to many civilians as well. This main air force base is able to cover around more than 11,300 acres. That is like 63% of undeveloped, and at the same time some remaining areas are either somehow paved and at times they contain specific structures.

Airshow at Nellis AFB

Solar panels at Nellis AFB

Areal View Nellis Air Force Base

Sign of Nellis AFB

Solar panel park at Nellis Air Force Base

In addition, the Nevada air force base has 3 major areas that are absolutely functional. The tasks are performed to meet each need the right way. Area number 1 today includes airfield & when it comes to the goal it fully support the many functions. The Area 2 is located east of the Area number 1 and it actually contains a munitions zone. The Area 3 is right across Vegas Bvd. from the Area 1 this even contains a huge hospital which is actually fully equipped.

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