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This is yet a unique military base which of course cannot be left out as far as military bases are concerned. To be precise, the South Carolina Charleston Hospital was first of all established in 31st July, 1917 and has really served a very good purpose so far. At that time, there was only one story building and some wooden structures that were present to take care of the number of sick at that time. Although the situation was not all that good for the sick, the hospital still continued to pursue for better things and today this hospital is said to possess all the necessary facilities that a normal hospital requires and this has therefore made it very special.

It is however imperative to state that, by 14th February, 1970, a new hospital known as Charleston Naval Hospital was established and this establishment actually resulted from the previous one. With the new structure, there were about 500 beds and these beds were able to take care of every sick in the hospital at time. Its many qualified doctors have even made the whole environment a lovely and trustworthy place and this of course has given a lot of people so much confidence to always visit there when they are sick.

It is well noted that, in 1917 the establishment of the then hospital was purposely to aid all the soldiers who were so badly injured during the war at that time. Although the hospital was not so equipped at that time, it is well known that, it really helped a whole lot of soldiers. The hospital has served a purpose and for that matter should always be acknowledged. As a matter of fact, all those who have really received treatment from this hospital should know better about it.

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