USCG – Coast Guard Station Castle Hill

The Rhode Island Castle Hill is also sometimes known as Station Castle Hill and it is operated by the US Coast Guard. The primary purpose of the station includes overlooking the operations of US Coast Guard in Newport in Rhode Island. The station is also responsible to assist US Coast Guard in search-and-rescue operations. Beside an important Coast Guard station it is also home to popular tourist attractions and luxurious resorts. It also assists Coast Guard in environmental protection program. It also has ship docking facility and has some regular ships on the station, which includes USCGC Juniper and USS Bainbridge.

The station has a small two floor building housing all the equipments and staff. It also has a light house usually known as Castle Hill Light built on the corner of the shore. The light house is also listed in National Register of Historic Places. The light house was built in 1980 and it is located on the Narragansett Bay on the north of Rhode Island. The light house offers marvelous sight of the sea and it is one of the most active locations of US Coast Guard as it is widely used to monitor boats and ships entering the premises of Rhodes Island.

The site of the light house once belonged to Alexander Agassiz from University of Harvard; interestingly the site was sold the government of United States for $1 after the hurricane of 1938. What is more interesting is that their descendents now owns a resort near the location of the light house named as Castle Hill Inn and Resort, which is visible from the light house.

The light house of Station Castle Hill is not open to public but it can be viewed from a distance and especially from Castle Hill Inn and Resort; it has a red light instead of white and it flashes every eight second that can been seen from other islands as well.

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Station Castle Hill Images

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