Naval Station Newport

The station is also known as Naval Station Newport and it is located near the town of Newport and Middletown in the state of Rhode Island. It is also the former station of destroyer squadrons of US Navy. Today it works along US Coast Guard to keep maintenance of inactive ships. The base is now also home to Naval Supply Corps Chain, Officer Candidate School, Naval War College and Naval Justice School. It was established in 1883 and it was significantly used during the Civil War. The base now operates under the command of Captain Joseph P. Voboril.

The base is also home to dismantling operations of USS ships including aircraft carriers and destroyers such as USS Saratoga, USS Forrestal and others. It has also become the permanent station of decommissioned USS Saratoga built by US Naval Shipyard New York; it is a major aircraft carrier first built in 1952 and it offered 42 years of service. The ship also received numerous titles for its outstanding performance. Infact it is not decided to whether dismantle the ship or not, it is wished by many people to place the ship in a nearby museum of North Kingtown.

The base received major upgrades in 2005 and the base was added with more training facilities and resources. It also works along other US forces including US Coast Guard, Naval Undersea Warfare with its headquarters Rhode Island Newport station. The Naval Undersea Warfare was established after US Naval Torpedo Station in 1869, which offered its services World War I and II. Later the base was added with more facilities Naval Station Newport was founded. The base is also a popular tourist attraction for its nearby naval museum in nearby town of North Kingtown where tourists get to see things from US Navy especially from Naval Station Newport.

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