Shaw Air Force Base

The Shaw Air Force Base is situated in the City of Sumter, South Carolina. The establishment inherited completion of development in the year 1941 and is the current accommodation utilized to host the F-16 Combat Wing, the United States Central Command Air Forces, the 20th Fighter Wing and the Ninth Air Force. The name assigned to the installation is in coexistence of the first lieutenant, the renowned Ervin David Shaw who was a pilot in World War I. The lieutenant is presently under managerial representation by Colonel Joseph T. Guastella. This is one of the most established of all air force bases in the United States.

This installation lies at an estimated distance of 40 miles in encompassment to Columbia which is the capital state. The involvement for recreational activities and vacation is vast, since the Atlantic Ocean is in close proximity, an estimate of only 2 hours to avail adequate sunshine in the beautiful waters. There are many fine embodiments that are pleasing to enjoy in the east coast.

The base will adequately execute leadership duties in providing assistance for various challenges faced by projects and to enable combat-ready air force operatives to engage in battle. There are currently 600 civilian personnel’s, 5, 400 active military personnel’s on duty and an embodiment of 11, 000 family members accommodated on the premises.

The base embraces confidence in providing proper maintenance for all operatives constituted on property and encourages safe practices for disciplinary enrollments in correspondence to the entire base population. The workforce is dedicated in serving the installation with quality services and professionalism. The military base is assigned for engaging in field oriented flight training for various combatants and has serviced the United States Air Force Base with pride. The aim is achievable in all aspects of the facility, since the teams are motivated towards producing positive workmanship in all areas of development.

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