Camp Justice

Banzai’s field, before not known as the Justice of the campaign, was baptized again to the way around Sep back in 2004 according to an initiative to modify the respective military names of the American bases into Iraq to having less ” only you present, “friendlier ” the name. The equipment formed by many experts claimed that the term banzai is an agreeable word much more than simply the justice!

Moreover, the 1st original name was able to prove a somehow prophetic form & it even extraordinarily assigns: The field of Justice was the place of Saddam Hussein’s execution in 2006, and then in 2007 the Barzan Ibrahim linked to Tikriti, the Awad Hamed linked to Bandar & also the Taha Yassin with Ramadan, these were hung. The base serves to support the North American interests to Iraq during the Operation Liberty!

Field justice / Field field to – Adala

In the middle of September 2004, this continued as the part of an effort of the Army in everything to give to his facilities on friendly connotations of Baghdad, Field Banzai him turned out to be the Justice of call a Field, with his translation the Arab of Al’s Field – Adala. In May, 2005 the administrative tasks of the Field justice were transferred to the Iraqi forces.

Camp Justice sign

Tent at camp Justice Iraq

near  Camp Justice

Areal view of camp justice

The field of Justice is in the center of Baghdad, in the vicinity Kadhamiyah, near the sanctuary of the Magnet Kadhim. The Sanctuary was the scene of numerous explosions initially of March 2004. The soldiers of USA answered initially to the place to treat the Iraqis of the injured man, but this returned to fall when this confronts a rabble of the stoning of furious Shiites that he blamed to the forces of USA to provide an inadequate safety for the religious specific peregrination.

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