Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Inside Japan the so called Japan Atsugi location is known principally like a satellite fantastic city that resides between the metropolis of Yokohama & Tokyo. Furthermore, it is known for having a naval American base that, though it doesn’t appear to be located right there, it occupies the area border of Yamato and also Ayase.

Atsugi’s air base is actually the place where most American forces of occupation once landed; the very 1st time was back in August 1945- This happened preceding the 2nd World War end. Atsugi is related by New Britain’s city, Connecticut, United States. Atsugi is a home to several universities, Shoin’s University and others.

This facility is great since it is always alert and operating to protect. In addition, the tensions reduction is among their goal. Their principal ally is in the ocean Pacific Ocean before the exigency of the Japanese population opposite to the bases of The United States to which it attributes the noises, environmental problems and some crimes, as well as the lack of investments and of industrial infrastructure in the region, one of least developed of the country.Main gate of Atsugi Air Base

Areal view of Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Soldiers of Atsugi Air Base

Planes near Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Naval Air Facility Atsugi Today

Radioactivity is concerning many. Furthermore, the American authorities recommended “to adopt precautions” to the personnel and to his relatives in the military bases of Yokosuka & Atsugi between the reasonable measures it is of limiting the most possible external activities.

Time ago, this base actually housed an overflow coming from the known Camp Zama; it wasn’t even refurbished at all to properly handle the military traffic in the air till Korean War. The Navy constructions battalion appear right to this AB back in 1950 & fully prepared it in such a way to re open the doors later that same year in Dec like as Naval Station.

Japan Atsugi was known as a major naval AB during Korean War & the Vietnam War, while it served fighters, even bombers, & was able to transport a lot of aircraft.

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