Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Yokosuka is placed in Japan, in the peninsula of Miura, south Al-de Tokio. One belongs Kanagawa’s prefecture, includes an area of 100, 68 kilometers ² and has a population of 422.737 inhabitants (in 2007). It is known for sheltering one of the alcaldes bases military men shared by Japan and The United States, which provokes a considerable abundance of American soldiers in continuous movement length and width of the city. They military base is actually located in Amihama’s port zone, it is not visible at all more one comes the city if it comes near by train from Tokyo, and his warships and submarines the son a strange welcome the paragraph the unnoticed travelers. Yokosuka also is famous for the assembly plant Oppama.

For the tourist who does not have any interest in the locations of the game “Shenmue”, few attractions it is in Yokosuka. Apart from the mentioned military base, the district of purchases which center is the street Dobuita provides an attractive selection of shops which specialty they are the jackets and military patches, without counting the variety of bars and restaurants, any of western style, which Dobuita decorates with his exterior colorists. Without going out of the military environment that he impregnates to this city, the park Mikasa has the honor of sheltering the warship Mikasa, now turned into military museum. Only there exist three warships preserved as “Brief” in the whole world, and Mikasa is one of them.

Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Submarine parked at Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Navy Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Sailors walking at city near Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka


It seems that today, the levels of radioactivity in Japan Yokosuka base is alarming many. The American authorities recommended the personnel and even relatives to follow some important precautions and also to limit any possible external activities this is due to the low-ranking radioactivity. It is a base ready to deal with many military operations so they must follow codes and announcements.

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