Combat Outpost Shocker

The Iraq Cop Shocker fights against the advanced Position Shocker- it is all about CP Shocker to be rapid. This is a base of the United States of the coalition and this ended the Construction in October, 2007. CP Shocker is in Zurbatiyah, Iraq. The Surprise CP is near the third Iraqi region of the Department Of Low use of the borders. The Military Border of the United States Personnel of the equipment of transition, the agents of the United States of the Patrol, the border, and a canine unit of the United States they are the residents of the base was constructed only seven kilometers of the border between Iran and Iraq. The part of the reason of this was that the army of the United States the intention of end with the Iranian interference in the efforts of the United States in the reconstruction in Iraq.

The Force Quds of Iran was accused of technology that it provides, it arms and training the Iraqi rebels, declarations that the United States the general Petraeus has said that this is based on solid tests. Every day they try to spend the principal quantity of their time from being possible of the CP and the collaboration with our Iraqi colleagues.  This can include going to patrol, the achievement of the courses of education in a wide variety of matters, to be present in the meetings and social meetings mixtures of the information, and to speak privately with them to obtain thoughts and to expose them to the different manners of doing the things.

Combat Outpost Shocker Areal view and hummers

Combat machine at Combat Outpost Shocker

barbed wire at Combat Outpost Shocker

Art of military attribution at Combat Outpost Shocker
Sunset at Combat Outpost Shocker

In this game, civilians and military have been good hosts, very complaisant, and, in general I satisfy of meeting. They are very ingenious and skilful socially, but his systems and the environment in excess have been centralized, bureaucratic, corrupt, and forged with the distrust mutually as demonstrated of the Soviet influence and after the age Hussein. In a world where the general of two stars and it has to sign a document before the mechanic can obtain a new tire of his light truck, nothing moves with the rapidity.

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