Forward Operating Base Grizzly

The Operational headquarters Grizzly (Grizzly FOB) has actually suffered numerous changes the name, and Spartan FOB has gone away, for rotation, Grizzly FOB, FOB and barbarian.  The operational headquarters treat itself about an army of The United States located in the interior of Ashram’s fields, near the so called Al Jalis in Iraq, which is around twenty km of the respective Iranian border & sixty to north Baghdad.

FOB Grizzly takes the respective name of the battalion of military men parked in the country: the Military police’s Battalion 49a, those bases in California. Furthermore, the 49 º Military police’s Battalion was opened in the Base of Operations of October, 2005, until October, 2006. His sign of so called age “Grizzly”, extracted from the flag of the State of California, which shows Grizzly’s bar in the first plane of the center, a red star in the top left part, and the words- Republic of California, written in the low part of the flag.

Forward Operating Base Grizzly

Areal view and soldiers at Forward Operating Base Grizzly

Hummer fully equipped at Forward Operating Base Grizzly

Massive rocket launch at Forward Operating Base Grizzly

soldier equipped at Forward Operating Base Grizzly

F.O.B. the dun Bear (previously F.O.B. the Spartan, the León F.A.B. Red and F.A.B. the Barbarian) is an Army of the United States Forward that Handles the Base located inside the Field Ashraf, Iraq. It is near Al Khalis, approximately 20 kilometers considering the Westside of the Iranian border & sixty kilometers to the north of Baghdad.

In conclusion, Iraq fob grizzly was named right after the forty nine call sign due to policeman’s Militia Battalion. They were responsible for the F.A.B. for October, 2005 to Oct 2006 & the “Dun” double sign of the respected and so called age after the dun Bear of California Has to see with the beautiful States Flag- this is to be remembered since it allowed big changes. It is a respected location and serves the country without a doubt. Many pictures can be reached so try to learn deeply.

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