Camp Baharia

The Field Baharia was constructed on the site of which it was once Baathist’s resource in Iraq, near Fallujah. Qusay and Uday Hussein often would frequent this strength of resource. Now, it is of house to American soldiers. American soldiers often refer to the Field Baharia, relatively coherent, as “The dreamland”, the original name. This place is ready to meet many needs without exceptions. Keep reading to learn more about this high-tech camp.

  In 2006, one documentary there was liberated that followed to soldiers of 82 Airborn. They were placed in the Field dreamland, which is where the documentary took his Dreamland of Occupation of name. From the September / October, 2004, the Apache the Company of the 2nd Battalion of Light Armed Recognition was placed in the Field dreamland.

The soldiers in the Field Baharia have the access to the shop of that it provides with them with the articles of clothes, electronic devices, drinks, diverse articles for hygienic needs, and other necessary basic things. Many important needs are met with hard work.

camp baharia

Practice at camp baharia

Soldiers at camp baharia with sniper rifles

Camp Baharia - soldiers shows of the speed while running

Iraq and the Camp Baharia can change it all around. It is like a spot with 2a Company of Equipment of Swift Security of Antiterrorism, the Battalion of Security force of Marina’s Infantry, prepares to ignite his M14 DMR the sniper’s rifle during an exercise of zero of sight of battle here on April 21.

Did the members of unit practice the adjustment of the weapons?  Truth is a lot is to be learned. Do the monuments and the gunfire plunder on board of 1r Battalion, the 6th Maritime Regiment? Range of s here to support the skills providing safety for convoy there. When hard times come along, this is another place to serve the country. It is located in a strategic manner and personnel are highly trained.

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