Camp Taji

The Iraq airfield Taji of the Army is around twenty seven km to the northwest of the center of Baghdad, in Taji’s city. Moreover, studies linked to the War of the air energy of the entire Gulf; a zone of Operations Center is situated located in the huge Al Taji. This AFB is actually represented in 5,500 feet of length of track.

Taji’s complex Al-has also repaired slip and tanks. Complex industrial Taji has doubled in the size in 1985, and this even includes tools and forges that are absolutely capable of developing several artillery barrels in 1 year & the plants of maintenance including the returning to place of the armor for T 54, T 55 & even T of the 62 tanks that are in the extensive and magnificent Iraqi inventory. The complex also includes facilities of the full assembly of known and great T 72, also, sooner or later to construct armed bodies and tanks.

When the Storm of the Desert took place, they did pair of Paving with tacks the F-111F equip based planes were ready. Moreover, corps led to development of new bombs GBU-28 Rapist to totally combat and attack all the fuel of the noses of Taji Al-AB’s orders, to the north of Baghdad. Also, it this was within the 3 tanks that were used by the known Saddam Hussein while the war took place.

Tanks at Camp Taji

Air force helicopter at Camp Taji

Military experiments at Camp Taji

Camp Taji fitness center

They’ve even produced serious hurts, including thirteen destinations in the Field in a blow during 12 1998 air raids the Fox of the Desert. East area contains different weapon of the facilities of destruction in the mass, the Republican Guard units & workshops of principal repair of the Body of Iraqi armed Army.

From Feb 1997, Al-Rashdiya Re-publishes Guard Al-Munawara and the Armored Division already had 1 of armored brigade totally opened in, whereas others were in Military Al-Taji I Stand out. It was and is totally assigned to the full protection of extensive Baghdad.

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