Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib

The Iraq Ghurayb Prison is huge. Moreover, the Abu Ghurayb, prison, is located approximately twenty miles specifically west of extensive Baghdad; it is actually where Saddam Kamal that was once the head of Special Security Organization once oversaw torture & the execution of many even thousands of important political prisoners. This prison was and is under full control of Directorate General Security that is the DGS and also known as Amn al-Amm!

Moreover, more than 4000 prisoners have been executed there at the Iraq Abu Ghraib facility and or Prison back in 1984. In addition, like 122 prisoners have been executed at the Iraq Abu Ghraib prison back somehow recently in Feb 2000 more have been executed later, too.

This facility actually occupies like 270 acres over four kilometers of great security perimeters & twenty four guard towers. This prison is actually composed of different 5 distinct compounds each and even surrounded by specific guard towers & very high walls. This was constructed by British contractors back in 1960; the Abu Ghraib is like a great and virtual city within another city. In addition, there is a political section and it was once divided to differentiate a closed and an open wing. When it comes to the closed one is houses just Shi’ites. While the open one held’s all the other types of both, real or even suspected activists.

Tank at Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib

Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib celebration

Aral View of FOB Abu Ghraib

Concert at Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib

Later, in 2001 the Iraq Ghraib prison, more specific at west Baghdad, have actually held more than 15,100 individuals, and many were even subject to extreme torture. Many Shi’a Kurds & some other type of citizens with an Iranian origin, had totally disappeared in 1980 while the Iran and Iraq terrible war took place, they were reportedly being accommodated without communication at this prison. These people have actually been detained and the conditions were hash!

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