Camp Courtney

Camp Courtney is truly a United States Marine Base which is located in Uremia City Okinawa Prefecture Japan. Moreover, it is noted to be part of the larger Marine Corpse Base Camp Medley D. Butler and also it is noted to be home to III Marine force headquarters and also the third Marine Division headquarters. The name Major Henry A. Courtney Jr is actually the name given to this wonderful camp. Major Henry A. Courtney was noted to be killed in action in the battle of Okinawa. But his wonderful achievements in point of fact convinced a lot of people to prefer to name this particular camp after him.

It was actually opened as a U. S Marine Base in January 1956. This happened due to the fact that, some third marine division was transferred from Camp McGill in Kanagawa, Japan. Just like any other camp, this splendid camp possesses all the things that a normal camp will prefer to possess. This therefore makes most of the soldiers very comfortable in what they do and also they feel at home. As a matter of fact, it is one of the camps known to have achieved a lot in terms of accommodating and training military men.

Mess hall at Camp Courtney

Soldier received diploma at Camp Courtney

Soldiers barracks at Camp Courtney

Education center at Camp Courtney

Hitherto, Camp Courtney houses many military families and besides, it has a movie theater, commissary, exchange, medical and dental clinics and many others which cannot be mentioned. Well all these facilities are required to make things very easy and straight to the point for many of the military men. Besides that, due to the wonderful things it possesses, many deem it a must to visit there at least once in their life time so they can compare with others. The camp therefore has been very successful and also very helpful and as such should always be acknowledged all the time.

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