USCG National Strike Force

The National Strike force coexistent of the United States Coast Guard is assigned as the direct response unit. This team responds to assigned task such as, hazardous waste removal and oil spills and is also specially trained to handle chemical and biological weapons. Currently, the subdivision is under the management of Captain Roderick E. Walker.

USCG National Strike Force Facts

This embodiment constitutes a total of 200 personnel’s currently active on duty. The host of employees is sectored into three teams, to entertain strike activities for the entire region. These teams are assigned duties that cover the western region, corporate by the Pacific Strike Team, while the eastern perimeter is handled by the Atlantic Strike Team. On the other hand, the Gulf Strike Team is efficient in monitoring the entire southern region, along with Mexico and Puerto Rico. These teams are entertained with training as needed, to handle equipments and any uproar the may arise.

The National Strike Team will respond promptly, to manage and supports incidents to promote site safety, conduct exercises for hazard assessment, resource documentation, monitor contractor performance, in-situ burn use, high volume lightering, monitor the effectiveness of operations, offshore skimming and oil spill dispersants. The Strike Team is also responsible for training Coast Guard units in liaison operations, environmental pollution response, evaluation and testing for pollution response equipments, to provide effective response in areas of liability.

USCG National Strike Force testing

USCG National Strike Force

logo of USCG National Strike Force

US Coast Guard National Strike Force working

Once the information is relayed from The Public Information Assist Team, which provides relations in regards to media crisis support to the Coordinators of the Federal On-Scene in the event of hurricanes, major spills, floods, HAZMAT releases or other emergency issuance, a training simulation is issued for a four member team to evaluate an appropriate approach for the situation.

The National Strike Force Coordination Center provides strategic guidance for the Strike Teams, to boost interoperability by means of programs to incorporate standardized response procedures for operation, equipment, qualifications and training.

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