USCG Marine Safety Lab

Marine Safety Lab Facts

The Connecticut Safety Lab is somehow the US Coast Guard’s especially dedicated to many studies focused on marine & maritime safety. This laboratory regularly cares to collect many samples from several water bodies and they proceed to evaluate and test them in order to find hazardous chemicals and contaminants. To be more precise, the Safety lab is pretty much the main spot to handle important analysis linked to many oil spill researches and studies. This Connecticut Safety laboratory even conducts studies about substances that are actually carried by the incoming vessels.

USCG Marine Safety Lab located on 4th floor in this building

The Safety Lab is today situated at Chelsea St. It is located in New London.  The Parties that are looking and fully interested to request any kind of water study along their respective are can go ahead and bring samples right to the Safety laboratory.  Yet, if they don’t want to leave their place, they can fill out online forms, which is optimal!

The Naval NSMRL is then situated located the right way and it is always seeking to meet high-standards. Their main goal is detailed and their mission is definitely to provide the best and protect overall health. In addition, they are constantly trying to enhance productivity and War Fighters performance. They do this through many focused diving, submarine & surface studies solutions.

Research work at Marine Safety Lab
Professors doing research at Marine Safety Lab

Their tradition is great and this recognition is due to their long lasting effective developments.  They even contribute with the laboratory tech innovations and they care to integrate all the latest trends. The crew operations remain great since the beginning.  They have the lead in the so called undersea human! The best part is they can: have the proper performance which is based on screening the color vision. They ensure personnel screening along with the assessment for any types of enclosed environments. The effects of the atmospheric constituents linked to health in enclosed spots are taken care of, too.

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