Integrated Support Command Cleveland

The Ohio Cleveland Integrated Commands was 1 of ISC under USA Coast Guard. The main duty consists to actually provide full support to Coast Guard divisions that are stationed in the magnificent Ohio. This command was once headed by William Schmidt.

Integrated Support Command Cleveland Facts

Under United States modernization programs, the many functions of this Ohio Cleveland facility have been actually broken into 2 different units. Moreover, the Personnel Service & the Support Units known as PSSU are headed by Jeannie Paschal, and it is actually tasked in providing the basic options and services for the Coast Guards personnel. In addition, when it comes to Health Safety known as HSWL that is about Off Field Services that are to be handled the specific welfare needs are optimal.

So, the ISC Cleveland is even great due to its location, it is situated right in Anthony Celebrezze Building more precise on the East corner of 9th st. & the fancy Lakeside Av. which is in downtown of Cleveland. The Ohio Cleveland unit was once commissioned back on June 1996 & consisted of 4 different divisions; the Comptroller; the Force Optimization & the Training; the Worklife; and the great Personnel Services.  The administration and the management are just perfect; they also deal with reserve management; with many human resources management; with worklife; and with comptroller supportive systems and services for units in 9th District Area.

Integrated Support Command Cleveland Military boat

USCG boat at Integrated Support Command Cleveland

Integrated Support Command Cleveland Soldiers

Soldiers at ISC Cleveland

When it comes to the offices, the 9th district one are situated in the previously mentioned Celebrezze building and it houses the so called District Commander, the Chief of the Staff, the Command in Master Chief, the Civil Rights office, the Chaplain, the Legal Office, the Public Affairs, the Marine Division for safety, the Auxiliary Affairs, the Navigation aids, the Bridges, the SAR Branch, along with the Planning Division.

Furthermore, The Civil unit meant for engineering is also situated in this federal building yet it reports are to Maintenance & to Logistics Commands Atlantic, that are both located in the Norfolk. Many professionals work and interact right there. High Quality is always considered and they conduct many repairing tasks, too.

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