USCG Training Center Cape May

The area that is occupied by New Jersey Cape May, has a lot of history linked to naval presence. Going back to American Revolution & through nineteenth century, the Cape May was once used like a harbor to refuge. Later in 1917, Navy established this like a section force base right there in the great Cape May, in order to provide with the proper training, the right vessel support & communication places meant for the coastal defense.

USCG Training Center Cape May Facts

  • Website: Visit Cape May Website ›
  • Location: Cape May, New Jersey
  • Phone: (609) 898-6969
  • Latitude: 38.985802
  • Longitude: -74.906163
  • DSN: N/A

At first Navy converted abandoned the amusement center, they built this along oceanfront, and it was for military usage. Old skating rinks became mess halls and the sleeping quarters, a stage was actually made into the galley, it was like the human huge roulette wheels – even a scrubbing table & the fun barrel which became a total brig. Yet, the old wooden special structure was burned later in 1918, this Navy constructed in a standard manner along with military facilities that were in the extensive harbor front, however, some are still standing.

Areal View of Training Center Cape May Areal View

Soldiers at USCG Training Center Cape May

Soldiers speech at Training Center Cape May

Training Center Cape May Anchor

Right after World War 1, this base ended up being adapted in such a way to fully accommodate the dirigibles. The most hangers worldwide, it was like 700 feet and it was developed so they could fully accommodate airship below the construction that was in Britain. Unluckily, ZR-2 happened to crash while they were testing it so they were never really fully adapted to navy usage.

According to sources, for more than 50 years, the specific Coast Guard education and Training Center right there in Cape May has being able to fulfill the main mission:

To train people properly in such a way so they can become leaders and rule everything the right way. Codes and regulations are to be accepted and this spot is simply an example of professionalism and high-tech development.

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