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The Oklahoma Military Institute was established back in 1919 and it started to respond to education & the training needs consider the residents that lived there & those in United States Air and armed Forces. Later, as 1923 came by, this Oklahoma Institute started offering a secondary education together with 2 college years for young men that lived in Oklahoma & even across the extensive nation.

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The Oklahoma Academy consists of a registration which is huge; many graduates have already become great and professional leaders, in military & in civilian life. Also, many more than 2,000 Military graduates have served and are serving the Naval and air Forces of United States through the many wars.  Also, more than hundred institute graduates of Oklahoma institute gave lives to serve the country.

This institute is magnificent and has quickly gained the top recognition like a marvelous school for military purposes in United States- in addition, among graduates General William Potts –a bust is at the museum so you cannot miss this out. You will be amazed on the many history matters that are still impacting everywhere. Later, in 1971, to respond the education and training, many sophisticated tools where developed. Everything rapidly started developing high-tech and industrial considering economy right in Claremore zone, Oklahoma Legislature has replaced Oklahoma Academy new Claremore Jr. College.

USCG Institute HC-144A

WMSL-750 - USCG Security Cutter

USCG Institute plane  C-37A

USCGC Boutwell WHEC-719

Also, the college evolved to what it is today the Rogers College, & today it is known like the Rogers University- this is a 4-year university & Oklahoma’s rapid growing education institution.

Furthermore, this legacy is always respected and the institute cares to esteemed graduates is carried on by the Oklahoma institute Alumni Association, that boasts many members across nation, & also the Academy Museum, which is a major touristic attraction situated the 2nd floor Meyer Halls on campus right in Claremore.

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