USCG Loran Support Unit

It is also known as USCG Loran Support Unit, its main purpose it to support Long Range Navigational System stations in the West Coast of United States. It helps ships find their location in the sea. The station works by sending low frequency signals out in the sea that is caught by ships and helps them find their location. The navigational system uses transmitters and receivers to calculate the location, the whole system is usually known as LORAN. It also helps aircraft find their location and the station ensures the correct transmission of LORAN frequencies.

Loran Support Unit Facts

  • Website: Visit LORAN Website ›
  • Location: Wildwood, New Jersey
  • Phone: (609) 523-7230
  • Latitude: 38.985715
  • Longitude: -74.829413
  • DSN: N/A

Today there are more advance and accurate navigational systems than LORAN such as GPS (global positioning system). There are few issues regarding New Jersey Loran station as GPS is already easily available but the government decided to keep the station. Infact the military forces are no longer using LORAN for navigation as they have more accurate positioning system that is GPS. Today it is used by less advanced ships and aircrafts, which makes up small group of people and organizations. What is more interesting is that the new yearly budget has very less budget for LORAN-C systems and it is advised to discontinue all outdated systems.

USCG Loran Support Unit Logo

USCG Loran Support Unit Areal View

Loran Support Unit Plane

Soldiers of USCG Loran

Scientists testing some strange things at USCG Loran Support Unit

The termination of the system was also supported by other national organizations, but US Coast Guard finds a good potential in New Jersey Loran stations as it is still useful for smaller ships and aircrafts.

But there are few small organizations and ships still using LORAN systems such as US Coast Guard. Their aircrafts, ships and helicopters are equipped with advance GPS systems but they still use LORAN systems for training purposes and small scale navigations.

The staff of the station comprise of both civilians and naval personnel. And it is located on the shore for easy transmission out in the sea.

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