Presidio of Monterey soldier practicing

Presidio of Monterey

Presidio of Monterey Facts Location: Peninsula on Northern California Coast Website: Visit Presidio of Monterey Website › Phone: (831) 242-5119 Longitude: -121.910765 Latitude: 36.603161 DSN: 768-5119 Based in Peninsula on Northern California coast, it becomes center of Military Intelligence Battalion and Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Tracing back to few years ago, the California […]

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Air Force Academy Colorado Capella

Air Force Academy

Colorado Air Force Academy Facts Location: El Paso County, Colorado, USA Website: Visit Colorado Air Force Academy Website › Phone: (719) 333-1818 Longitude: -104.888878 Latitude: 39.009814 DSN: 333-3110 Colorado Air Force Academy is located in the 18,000 hectares of El Paso County, Colorado, U.S.A which housed cadet housing facilities and the place to live for […]

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Inside Naval Medical Center San Diego

Naval Medical Center San Diego

Naval Medical Center San Diego Facts Location: San Diego, California Website: Visit Naval Medical Center Website › Phone: (619) 532-6400 Longitude: -117.143328 Latitude: 32.725786 DSN: N/A Headquartered in San Diego, the Naval Medical Center San Diego designed with several parts of Naval Drug screening lab, Naval Hospital and Naval school of health sciences. The medical center comes […]

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Naval Air Station North Island Military Boat

Naval Air Station North Island (NAVSTA)

Naval Air Station North Island Facts Location: California, San Diego Website: Visit NAVSTA Website › Phone: (619) 545-8167 Longitude: -117.199917 Latitude: 32.700933 DSN: N/A If you wish to get wider knowledge about military base in California San Diego, the Naval Station, abbreviated to be Naval Air Station North Island comes as one choice. This military base […]

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Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area From sky

Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA)

Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area Facts Location: Eastern of San Francisco, California Website: Visit Camp Parks Website › Phone: (925) 875-4650 Longitude: -121.89751 Latitude: 37.716825 DSN: N/A Have you ever heard about CaliforniaCamp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA)? Based in the Eastern of San Francisco bay, it was formerly known as Camp Parks. […]

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Yuma Proving Ground Helicopter landing

Yuma Proving Ground

Yuma Proving Ground Facts Location: Southwestern La Paz County and western Yuma County in southwestern Arizona Website: Visit Yuma Proving Ground Website › Phone: (928) 328-3287 Longitude: -114.429131 Latitude: 33.1456 DSN: 899-3287 Yuma Proving Ground was established in 1943 and considered as one of the largest military bases in the whole world with an area […]

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Plains at MCA Yuma


MCAS Yuma Facts Lodging: Yuma; Arizona Website: Visit MCAS Yuma Website › Phone: (928) 269-2275 Longitude: -114.618902 Latitude: 32.650216 DSN: 269-1011 MCAS Yuma is located two miles away from the city of Yuma; Arizona is the third busiest air station in the Marine Corps which was established in 1928 as Flying Field serving the military […]

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Fort Huachuca Helicopter Landing

Fort Huachuca Army Base

Fort Huachuca Army Base Facts Location: Southeastern part of Arizona Website: Visit Fort Huachuca Website › Phone: (520) 533-2330 Longitude: -110.34874 Latitude: 31.586432 DSN: 821-2330 Covering an area of 70,000 Acres, Fort Huachuca is located in the southeastern part of Arizona which is created in 1877 to protect the southern part of Arizona against the […]

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Camp Pendleton Sick Military Machinery

Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton Facts Location: Southern region of California coastline Website: Visit Camp Pendleton Website › Phone: (760) 725-4110 Longitude: -117.355167 Latitude: 33.301333 DSN: 365-4111 Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton stands out as the top Western Region platform involving the United States Of America Marine Corps plus it functions as the perfect amphibious instruction platform. It […]

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Military plane at Beale Air Force Base

Beale Air Force Base

Beale Air Force Base Facts Location: Marysville, California Website: Visit Beale Air Force Base Website › Phone: (530) 643-3000 Longitude: -121.438923 Latitude: 39.138848 DSN: 368-3000 Beale Air Force Base is known as a USA Air Force platform situated somewhere around eight kilometers eastern side from Marysville, California. It had been in the beginning generally known […]

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Naval Construction Battalion Center In front of boat

Naval Construction Battalion Center

Naval Battalion Center Facts Location: Port Hueneme, California Website: Visit Naval Battalion Center Website › Phone: (805) 982-2015 Longitude: -119.202089 Latitude: 34.153792 DSN: 551-4918 Naval Construction Battalion Center, serving the area around Port Hueneme, California, is known as the Western Region homeport meant for the Navy Seabees. Port Hueneme, in fact called “why nee mee”, […]

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Luke air force base plane

Luke Air Force Base

Luke Air Force Base Facts Location: Glendale, Arizona Website: Visit Luke Website › Phone: (623) 856-7411 Longitude: -112.38036 Latitude: 33.535249 DSN: 896-7411 Luke Air Force Base is the selected location for the new F-35 Pilot Training Center and home for the 56th Fighter Wing which is manned by Brigidare Gen. Kurt F. Neubauer and located […]

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Davis-Monthan Air Force Base from sky

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Facts Location: Tucson, Arizona Website: Visit Davis Monthan Website › Phone: (520) 228-3900 Longitude: -110.88279 Latitude: 32.170006 DSN: 228-1110 The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is the home to the 355th Fighter Wing, an active combat wing compose of A-10s and has the mission to train A-10 pilots and support to the […]

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Fort Richardson Alaska military base front

Fort Richardson Army Post

Fort Richardson Army Post Facts Location: Anchorage, Alaska Website: Visit Fort Richardson Website › Phone: (907) 384-1110 Longitude: -149.680012 Latitude: 61.26 DSN: (317) 384-1110 It is basically an installation near the city of Anchorage in the state of Alaska, USA. The installation was completed in the year 1940 and has been in operation since then. […]

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Fort Greely Alaska Military Site

Fort Greely Launch Site

Fort Greely Facts Location: Alaska Website: Visit Website> Phone: (907) 873-3284 Longitude: -145.554566 Latitude: 63.905016 DSN: 873-3284 It is basically a small census controlled area designed to support military operations. It works as a small city with a population of around 460 people and it has all features of a city. Alaska Fort Greely primarily […]

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Plains landing at Elmendorf Air Force Base

Elmendorf Air Force Base

Quick Facts Location: Anchorage, Alaska Website: Visit Website › Phone: (907) 552-1110 Longitude: -149.813819 Latitude: 61.254954 DSN: 317-552-1110 The base is located adjacent to Alaska’s largest city of Anchorage. And it is home to some of the largest and most important units of US defense including Joint Task Force, Alaskan Command and other units and […]

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