Naval Air Station North Island (NAVSTA)

Naval Air Station North Island Facts

  • Location: California, San Diego
  • Website:
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  • Phone: (619) 545-8167
  • Longitude:
  • Latitude:
  • DSN:

If you wish to get wider knowledge about military base in California San Diego, the Naval Station, abbreviated to be Naval Air Station North Island comes as one choice. This military base offers berthing facility and shore support for the operating forces in the US pacific fleet. There you will find around fifty ships are ported at Naval station with more than fifty occupant commands at the station. The fourteen piers have already included twelve miles of over one thousand land acres which is done by California San Diego, naval station. The population reaches over 35,000 military with over 7,000 civil residents.

Nowadays, naval station in California San Diego has become one of the biggest surface force support installation. The really cool thing is the bigger tenant covering the Ship Intermediate Maintenance Activity, Public Works Center and Fleet Training Center. In fact this military base is categorized into two parts, which is known to be dry side and wet side. Let’s unravel what beyond the wet side; it truly comprises seventy SIMA workshops, ships of pacific fleet and administration buildings. There you will see the mini exchange and uniform shop becomes recreation center and the establishment of foods.

Military boat Naval Air Station North Island
Naval Air Station North Island Military Boat

What about the dry side of Naval station California San Diego? It comes with Fleet Training Center, Dental and Medical Clinics, Galley and the base Gyms. Indeed SIMA personal lives in the snyder hall which is perfect for cozy room with perfect features. Living in Matthew Hall also provides cozy feeling, since providing very nice comfort for 3 people rooms. It is pleasing and exciting place to enjoy life, California San Diego also comes with living quarters, pierside berthing service and shore support. Let’s feel utmost enjoyment by visiting this place, since a wide variety of facilities are available for those craving for paradise of world.

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