Yuma Proving Ground

Yuma Proving Ground Facts

  • Location:
    Southwestern La Paz County and western Yuma County in southwestern Arizona
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    Visit Yuma Proving Ground Website ›
  • Phone: (928) 328-3287
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Yuma Proving Ground was established in 1943 and considered as one of the largest military bases in the whole world with an area of 1,300 square miles in the Sonoran Desert. Yuma Proving Ground plays a major impact in the maintenance of the quality of U.S. military forces and the largest employers in the country.

This proving ground performs military tests on all kinds of ground combat arsenal in its 2,000 square miles of restricted air space, As part of their primary mission to conduct tests, annually, they fire half a million of mortars and missiles, almost 200,000 miles of vehicles are driven, around 36,000 parachutes are flown, and about 4,000 of different kinds of aircraft are tested with their flight from the base airfield.

It is considered to be the longest overland artillery range in the country and is proud of the high tech instrumented helicopter range ever. This proving ground has 600 miles of fiber optic cable which provides instantaneous test data feedback. Overall, this is an excellent testing site for the military ammunitions and hardware because the place is very far from the urban communities where noise is a major concern. Yuma’s sunny climate, perfect terrain and range facilities add the quality for excellent testing and training conditions.

Yuma Proving Ground combat plane

Yuma Proving Ground Helicopter landing

Yuma Proving Ground also offers their military testing capabilities in three places: the Cold Regions Test Center in Alaska, Yuma Test Center at the Yuma Proving Ground and the Tropic Regions Test Center which operates in Hawaii, Panama, Honduras and other tropical countries with the headquarters in Yuma Proving Ground. This military base is proud to play a very important role in ensuring the excellence of the military force, equipment and ammunitions of the country which will have a big impact in saving the lives of the Americans.

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