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Naval Battalion Center Facts

Naval Construction Battalion Center, serving the area around Port Hueneme, California, is known as the Western Region homeport meant for the Navy Seabees. Port Hueneme, in fact called “why nee mee”, educates and also facilitates mobilization for more than 2,600 dynamic team members. This particular platform, quite often abbreviated CBC and also CBC Port Hueneme, at the same time instructions as well as manages Naval Base Ventura District. Situated only sixty kilometers North West from L.A., CBC Port Hueneme is actually around the Southern area California coastline, around the Oxnard Plain, an incredibly farming region.

One special point about this CBC is without a doubt the fact that it includes a memorial. The actual Navy Seabee Memorial, which is certainly 1 among exclusively fifteen United States Navy Museums and galleries throughout the world, is situated in Naval Base Ventura District. It happens to be the place to find the Seabee database that includes many of the detailed data, manuscripts, biographies, battalion records, and private documents coming from previous Seabees.

Naval Construction Battalion Center is actually the place to find Naval Mobile Construction Battalions three, four, five, and also forty. This is actually furthermore home for the Marine Development Group two, the first as well as thirtieth Naval Construction Regiment, along with the thirty first Seabee Preparedness Team.

Naval Construction Battalion Center Soldiers
Naval Construction Battalion Center In front of boat

Throughout the years Port Hueneme is continuing to grow to complete the numerous responsibilities necessary to meet the mission assignment. The actual platform seems to have somewhere around eighty five hundred military services team members as well as ordinary people are employed at the actual complex in these days. The vast majority of the employed pool is usually research workers and also technical engineers. But in addition logisticians, professionals, computer system qualified personnel; qualified professionals as well as management employees total this labor force page.

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