Torii Station

The Japan Torii facility Station is situated right in Yomitanson, at the Okinawa Prefecture, in the precious Japan. Today, it houses tenth Support Area Group, along with the first Battalion, some units & activities and even the first Forces Group. They are responsible for an optimized and critical functionality for United States services there on Okinawa. Within their main functions they have to: receive & distribute plenty of cargo, they must distribute island fuel supply, along with the many port operations tasks.

This Army is somehow small but Torii is ready to meet with the external confrontations. The Soviets already had invaded Japanese territory for the curiles, and more before they were taking actions in Manchuria, the long-suffering falls were very high in spite of the fact that to Japan he did not still have mas anything.

┬áThe decision to bombard Japan already was taken in account a long before the Soviets were entering conflict with the Japanese. Mas before already was giving each other bobardeos on tokio and other cities with results similar to those of the atomic bombs. Unfortunately, some complaints exist on the part of the civilians, not only for the noise that the engines of plane provoke, but also for the military personnel that works in the base. The problems are common with them “marinade” when they go out of parting: assaults and violations are common news for these homes.

Torii Station symbol - sword

Main gate at Torii Station

Soldiers at Torii Station

Soldiers speaking at Torii Station

Musicians at Torii Station

Moreover, It is not precisely the defense of Japan, and it has called the attention the great number USMC, whose principal mission is that of projection to be able to meet high standards, having an incredible aptitude to open rapidly a force combined in almost any part of the world. It is said that they have a small arsenal of nuclear weapon tactics opened in the spot.

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