Yokota Air Base

Japan Yokota’s air Base is a base of the Air Force of The United States, located in Fussa’s city in Tokyo, Japan. The base works as the headquarters of the army of The United States parked in Japan. It shelters to 14.000 workforce, and is used for air missions that include this Asian. The base has an area of 136,413 m ² and has an air track of 3,350 m.

Yokota’s Community Center, where there are commercial facilities and of supply.

Residential area

The development of Yokota’s air base began when the Imperial Army of Japan constructed Tama’s airfield in the same areas in 1940. The facilities were taken by The United States on September 4, 1945, on having finished the Second World war. The facilities were expanded from this moment and until 1960 the air base reached his current size.

During the War of Korea, Yokota’s air base was used to head the missions B-29. The base was the point of sending of the B-52 used in the War of Vietnam. In 1971, the units of Yokota’s combat were transferred to the bases of Kadena and Misawa. The Japanese government announced in 2005 that the base would shelter to the headquarters of the Japanese Forces of Defense.

The base also might be used as alternative to relieve beaks of air traffic of the airports of Haneda and Narita, though this operation is not regular. This place is meeting the highest details and standards ever in terms of innovations, too!

Sign of Yokota Air Base

Gate at Yokota Air Base

Areal view of Yokota Air Base

Aircraft at Yokota Air Base

Soldiers fully equipped at Yokota Air Base

Festival of the Friendship

Annually, the air base opens his doors the public for two days of August. Approximately two hundred thousand annual visitors visit Yokota, the exhibitions on his history and the planes of combat and load in exhibition. This cannot be missed. Apart of being high-tech it is actually hosting several amazing events.

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