Naval Submarine Base New London

New London Submarine Base Facts

  • Lcation: Groton, Connecticut
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  • Phone: (860) 694-3011
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The Connecticut Naval Base in New London is pretty much the US Navy’s main submarine base, it is known like the “Submarine Force Home”, & “Submarine World Capital”.

Military Submarine at Submarine Base New London

The history is impressive and the research is extensive. You might want to learn about the base Realignment & its Closure back in 2005, this truly marked a difference. Back in 1868, Connecticut State gave these Navy around 112 acres that were just of precious land all along the River Thames in order to construct a fancy and huge Naval Station. Because of the need of funding- federal funding- it didn’t really happen until the year 1872 when they developed 2 brick spots together with a pier with a T shape. These 2 buildings were then built and they were officially declared like the Navy Yard. So this brand new spot was primarily good like a good coaling station situated in Groton & Ledyard.

According to sources, the 1st submarine that was diesel-powered- the USS E-1, was actually commissioned back in Feb, 1912. Moreover, it serves as homeport considering 15 attack neighbor and submarines to major construction submarine yard, the General Dynamics and the Electric Boat Corp and all officer & Enlisted submariners.

New London Submarine base from sky

Military submarine and boat at New London Submarine Base

This is also combined like School just for the STS, the ET navigation, and the Fire control Tech. Some are also known like the radio men and all is linked to the Connecticut New London facility. In addition, the main New London base actually occupies like 687 acres and much more than 530 acres of housing for families. It is also the home to many submarines especially developed to attack. The Connecticut New London base can even support much more than seventy tenant commands like the Commander NRNE, the Commander Submarine G2, the respective Naval Submarine facilities, etc.

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