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  • Location: New London, in the state of Connectic
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  • Phone: (860) 444-8444
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The US Connecticut Coast Academy is somehow the foremost educational place for training and would be the place to deliver optimal Coast officers. This academy’s main place and campus is situated in beautiful New London, right in Connecticut. It differs from the 4 academies of United States Armed Forces (Navy, Army, Marine Corps), because any of the interested students are welcome to fully apply for admission with ease, they do not need to secure any sorts of congressional recommendations.

Coast Guard Academy Celebration at Stadium

The interested students to get into the Connecticut Coast Academy are actually given the opportunity to select within 7 different sections, even nautical science, engineering, & also management. Once they graduate, the cadets are able to choose; they can go right into the service with Coast Guard if they desire, or they can also go for a much higher academic paper and or degree. This Coast academy is great since it allows the possibility to many students when looking to grow as professionals, and they can also venture into the several civilian careers that are a lot of fun even after they finish their respective studies.

Today, it looks like approximately 2 hundred students are graduating every year from batches and they have actually passed through the specific selection process. Moreover, the United States of America Connecticut Coast Academy is somehow the smallest one of 5 federal services academies that is offering prestigious education to experience the optimal time. They make a lot of emphasis in terms of control, empowerment, leadership, even physical fitness along with proper professional development.

US coast guard academy graduates dressed white

US Coast Guard Academy view from sky

With tradition, together with honor, this military Coast academy, sustains 8-to-1 interested students-to-teacher ratios, this is a water front academic campus which creates a very traditional and fine college feel. The cadets are devoted to themselves in order to go along with an honor goal and concept; it is all about the optimal leadership!

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