Naval Weapons Station Earle

The New Jersey Earle Naval Station is great; this facility is located at northern zone of New Jersey shore it is also next to Sandy Hook Bay. It received the command chief name and it was later changed when 1974 started from a Naval Ammunition to Depot the Naval Weapon Station. The water front place is today homeport to Seattle USS the AOE 3, the USS Detroit AOE 4, the USS Supply which is the AOE 6, the USS Arctic which is the AOE 8, & it also housed the high-tech Combat Logistics Groups number 2. It started to be effective back in June 1997 and the USS Supply ended up moving to Earle. This place provides the logistical, the technical along with material supportive tasks for the fleet, this is in many areas and they range from several combat subsystems & retail ammunition managements to packaging, and also handling to later consider storage.

Naval Weapons Station EarleFacts

  • Website: Visit NWS Earle Website ›
  • Location: next to Sandy Hook Bay New Jersey
  • Phone: (732) 866-2000
  • Latitude: 40.279967
  • Longitude: -74.171588
  • DSN: 449-2000

The Earle spot is like any weapon station, but magnificent since it handles, also stores, even transports, and fully renovates many items, it is able to do so by using and issuing all sorts of ammunition and weapons. Moreover, the USS moved later in 1998. This was the result of decisions, so the importance of the facility started to increase a lot.

Areal View of Naval Weapons Station Earle

NSW Earle Areal View

Naval Weapons Station Earle Areal View

Soldier parade near NWS Earle

It is also important to mention the Sandy Hook Channels specific entrance. This was what actually led to the Terminal Channel & the Earle Pier. The terminal Channel, later entered coming from the Sandy Hook path located like around one mile west or more precise southwest tip, this leads to turning basins, & 2 different deep water ammunitions handling pier of United States Naval Depot at Earle. The project which was federal had a depth of 35 feet this is connected by trestle which is somehow extensive.

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