Army Installation Fort Dix

Fort Dix is one of the United States of installation of the Army placed in New Hanover’s Parts Township, Pemberton’s Municipality, and Springfield’s municipality, in the Burlington’s county, the zone of New Jersey, etc. Also it is a place notable census, and as of the United States, registers display that in 2000, the population of installation was 7464.

Fort Dix Facts

  • Website: Visit Fort Dix Website ›
  • Location: Townships of New Hanover, Pemberton, and Springfield, in Burlington County, New Jersey
  • Phone: (609) 562-1011
  • Latitude: 40.010398
  • Longitude: -74.614838
  • DSN: 944-1011

Fort Dix calls this way for the John Adams Dix. The construction began during the June, 1917. Camp Dix, since it was known in this then, was a formation and putting in scene of land for the units during the First World War the camp turned into a center of demobilization after the war. Between both world wars, the Camp Dix was the receipt; the formation and the center of unload for the Civil Body of Conservation. Camp Dix turned into Fort Dix on March 8, 1939, and the installation turned into a permanent position of the Army. During and after the Second World War the strength served the same intention that in the First World War. It served as the formation.

Sign of Fort Dix

Soldiers practice at Fort Dix

solar panel plant at Fort Dix

main gate of Fort Dix

It served as the formation and the operational headquarters during the war and a center of demobilization after the war.  On July 15, 1947, Fort Dix turned into a Center of Basic training and of the house of 9 ª Division of Infantry. In 1954, the ninth one it changed and 69 ª Division of Infantry did the strong house, until it deactivated on March 16, 1956. During the rapid expansion of the war of Vietnam it was carried out. A model of the people of Vietnam was built and the soldiers received specific formation of Vietnam before being unfolded. From Vietnam, Fort Dix actually sent soldiers to fulfill the specific Operation Shield of the Desert, Storm of the Desert, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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