NCTAMS PAC is stationed in Wahiawa, Hawaii, is known as the largest communication station in the world consisting of 131 amenities occupying 2,421 acres of land. It has also a Headquarter based in Oahu, Hawaii. NCTAMS PAC main function is to management and provides support to the users of Pacific Telecommunication System.


  • Location: Wahiawa, Hawaii
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  • Phone: (808) 653-5385
  • Longitude:
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NCTAMS PAC main duty is the management, operational and maintenance of the Defense Communication System and various services like repair and maintenance, information resource services, Defense Management System coordination and electronics and communication services to the Navy of United States and the US Department of Defense actions in the Pacific.

Soldier military practice at NCTAMS PAC


After the war, United States Navy chooses to give back the vital point Naval Station Pearl Harbor and Wahiawa be made as the receiver point. Because of the inconvenience of Pearl Harbor as a site for expansion, they made a decision to give back the vital point to Wahiawa. Because of the necessity of telecommunication it was decided in 1959 to have a new communication net as it was also the need of that time to get more advance information.

NAVCOMMACTS Pearl Harbor commanded the communications centers at Camp Smith (CINCPAC), Secure Voice Pearl Harbor, Moanalua (FLEWAECEN), Makalapa (CINCPACFLT), Consolidated Maintenance and the Pearl Harbor (NAVSHIPYD). This department functions in the operational and administrative control of the whole communication centers. In 1976, the Naval Communication Area Master Station, Eastern Pacific (NAVCAMS EASTPAC) was renamed from the original Naval Communications Station in Honolulu.

Boat approaching NCTAMS PAC

opening party at NCTAMS PAC

NAVSCAMS EASTPAC bequeathed the largest satellite facility with high frequency on February 18, 1977 at Wahiawa. The merger of NARDAC Pearl Harbor and NAVCAMS EASTPAC on December 1, 1990 forms today’s telecommunication station in the Eastern Pacific to guarantee that they can face the all the advancements the new technology will give to the naval telecommunication station.

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