Naval Support Activity Annapolis

The Naval Support Activity (NSA), Annapolis is accountable in delivering the operational support responsibilities to the Naval Research Laboratory Commander Naval Security Group, Chesapeake Beach Detachment in Randle Cliff, MD and the Naval Academy Complex. Captain Robert Windsor is responsible for all the operations in NSA Annapolis.

NSA Annapolis Facts

NSA Annapolis has full of integrated military and civilian employees with different programs that offers their outstanding services, functions and facilities to their customers. It also offers different aids to the families of enlisted men of the Navy. The Fleet and Family Support Center is only one of the few programs of the Navy which provides aids to enhance and improve the quality of life, morale, emotional and secures the personal and professional well being of the active servicemen as well as the retired military men and their families. It also helps the personnel by offering their housing program.

obstacle course at Naval Support Activity Annapolis

Military plane at Naval Support Activity Annapolis

The Naval Support Annapolis offers wide variety of operations like emergency, fire, security and safety mission for the active servicemen and retired military personnel and their families. All the programs of NSA Annapolis collaborated with the state government as well as the local entities to provide aid in their formal and informal agreement in providing solutions to the entire operational affairs.

Soldiers graduation at Naval Support Activity Annapolis

Mains sign at Naval Support Activity Annapolis

The common events that take place in NSA Annapolis is the Navy Flag officer and Senior Executive Service Symposium, national and international conventions, military honors for the fallen heroes funeral, alumni events, counterpart visits of the military commanders, other formal occasions, NCAA championship tournaments and Navy football games, Blue Angels flight demonstrations, formal parades, trip to the fleet ships and provides training support to the on duty Reserve and Fleet units.

The Naval Support Annapolis is located in Annapolis, Maryland with around 400 buildings in a 1,500 acres of land.

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